Don’t even think about it!

Hate crime laws since their inception have always been a controversial topic hotly debated by all sides of the discussion.  Recent issues such as the ruling on California's Constitutional Amendment Prop 8, overturning the voters of California who voted to define marriage as being between one man and … [Read more...]

Religion is Peace?

I believe there is a tendency for a good many people to assume all religions are basically equal, in terms of message. For example, that all religions teach the Golden Rule in one form or another, and that common thread is what defines each religion. With the embedding of religious pluralism and … [Read more...]

The Unworthy Manner

In his letter to the church at Corinth, Paul is recounting the institution by Jesus to His disciples in the upper room of what today we call the Lord's Supper.  It is the partaking of bread and wine (or juice) by the church body to remember the sacrifice Jesus made to secure the salvation of those … [Read more...]

Laying Down the Law

Is the Christian is required to keep the Law, more specifically the ten commandments?  It is my position that, no, Christians are under no obligation to keep the Law of the old testament.  On its face this is  a controversial notion, but hopefully upon closer examination it should be clear and will … [Read more...]

Prop 8 Struck Down

The issue of same sex marriage is a hotly debated emotional topic.  I believe that is one of the main points of contention, namely that it is an emotional topic.  It can often be difficult to argue one way or another for a point of view when your emotions are so involved.  This does not mean you … [Read more...]

Do Differences Matter?

I came across this picture not long ago and I think this exemplifies the attitude most people hold about religion, even many believers of the particular religions.  I am surprised at how many Christians have abandoned the exclusivity claims traditional Christianity teaches.  Emphasis on a generality … [Read more...]


When it comes to what one believes is the truth about the world, it shapes how you view what is the truth through the filter of your worldview. Not all worldviews are equally true, so it is of the utmost importance to be as close as you can to what is really true. Religious and Political systems … [Read more...]