When Optics and Demographics Trump Common Sense

Within recent years non-profit organizations have sprung up in an effort to correct what they view as a racial injustice within the nation's judicial systems.  Citing only raw demographic statistics, outfits such as the Bronx Freedom Fund makes it their mission to bail out minorities who find … [Read more...]

Is this the most pivotal presidential election of your life?

A friend asked this question of me today.  It brought to memory all the radio and television talk show hosts who proclaim each election cycle that "this election is the most important of your life time".  I suppose they aren't wrong.  Each new election brings new rippling consequences, all of which … [Read more...]

The transgender facade

Earlier this week headlines boasting the appointment of the first transgendered white house staffer.  This shouldn't be a surprise. Personal sexual proclivities are at the fore of our social experience right now. Those who are reluctant to be supportive of these kinds of lifestyles lament the … [Read more...]

What does Ferguson tell us about resisting the government?

This is an older post about whether or not we, as a free people, should ever allow ourselves to completely submissive to the government.  While I wholly disagree with the reasons the people used to justify the unrest that had played out in Ferguson, Missouri over the last couple weeks, it's plainly … [Read more...]

Illegal immigration, Abortion, Man’s morality, and Politics

Just a quick few thoughts here. Who among us have had a defender of elective abortion say "unless you're willing to adopt the children who'd be aborted, you shouldn't try to prevent it". Does the same reasoning apply to the illegal immigration issue? If you support an open border but you're not … [Read more...]

How the political left views the wealthy summed up

Today's Dilbert comic strip pretty much sums up how the left views the wealthy. Well, how they view businessmen who are wealthy. You see, they don't hold the same animus toward athletes, music and movie stars that they do toward CEOs. It kind of tells you what they consider work worthy of its wages. … [Read more...]

The slippery slope gets slipperier: Pedophilia is natural, says academics

When opponents of legalized same sex marriage and socially normalizing homosexuality ask the question: what's next? proponents scoff at their warnings of a slippery slope into doing the same for bestiality and pedophilia.  However, the claims of the slippery slope were vindicated when psychologists … [Read more...]

Taxpayer funded sex-changes

The Department of Health and Human Services has announced that denials of sex change operations will not be automatic.  Now they'll be taken on a case by case basis.  There's no way the social and medical acceptance of how to treat transgenderism is based on anything other than public pressure from … [Read more...]

Gun deaths in America by the numbers

Seemingly every time we pick up a newspaper or watch the evening news we are confronted with the tragedies of gun violence.  People use incidents in the news to further whatever their agenda may be.  The Political Left uses the news in an attempt to restrict the liberties of Americans to obtain, … [Read more...]

Are graphic images of abortion appropriate?

One complaint pro-abortion choice activists have about the pro-life movement is their propensity to display images of aborted fetal human being.  In Athens Georgia, at the University of Georgia, pro-abortion choice activists erected a make-shift barrier to block such images. (The College Fix) … [Read more...]

Are we losing the ability to resist our government? Should we be?

The Political Left has seized upon every opportunity to limit the access for ordinary citizens to own and carry guns.  It's been a priority of the Progressive movement for some time.  They have a very particular end in mind.  To render one of the fundamental purposes the second amendment was … [Read more...]

We need honesty in the abortion debate

Abortion. Never in the history of the nation has such an egregious violation of human rights been codified by law. Not even slavery or Indian removal policies compare to the 50 million unborn children snuffed out of existence by activist judges and their abortionist pimps. It's not all driven by … [Read more...]

Arizona’s SB1062 is anti-gay…except it isn’t

Please someone copy and paste the text of the bill that some are labeling "Jim Crow laws for gays".  I'm not seeing it. Words struck out is wording being removed from the original bill, and the all capitalized words is newly inserted language. 1 Be it enacted by the Legislature of the State of … [Read more...]

Sunday Round-Up

Christine O’Donnell: I was a victim of the IRS Tea Party Queen, Christine O'Donnell, a victim of the IRS, she says. Is this believable? Consider. On March 9, 2010, around 10 a.m., I announced my plans to run for senate representing Delaware. Later that same day, my office received a call from … [Read more...]

Income inequality worst in Democrat led cities

The Brookings Institute released a study on income inequality finding that it is worst in large cities, which also are and have been ruled by Democrat policies for decades.  The subject of income inequality is a propaganda political issue to begin with.  It is rooted in jealousy and envy.  It pits … [Read more...]

Can I object to same-sex marriage and not be a bigot?

I ask this in all seriousness.  Like everyone else, I have members of my family who identify as gay or lesbian.  I work with homosexuals.  And I have homosexuals who I consider friends.  Save for my co-workers, all the gay people in my life know my religious convictions and political views.  None of … [Read more...]

If there’s so much real hate out there, why make it up?

The most recent in a long line of hate crime/anti-gay hoaxes was uncovered recently.  Granted it was done by a couple DJs attempting to "create a discussion".  But there is a trend afoot where certain members of particular minority groups are staging incidents of anti-gay hate perpetrated by, of … [Read more...]

Washington halts the death penalty, but should it?

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington state has enacted a moratorium on capital punishment.  Anti-capital punishment activists are relishing the success and death row inmates are resting a little easier knowing they'll never meet the fate they imperiled upon their victims.  What purpose does a political … [Read more...]

Superbowl Sunday…

Let me say that my Hawks' crushing victory over the Broncos is nothing short of legendary. Hell, I even lost my voice halfway through the opening snap! Safety! Safety! Safety! Yes, it was beautiful. I screamed and cheered for all the right reasons! And though my 10-month-old daughter may well … [Read more...]

The U.S. Constitution: Individual rights or group rights?

As part of a college project for a family member, I have been asked to give my opinion on the Constitution as it relates to group versus individual rights for his American Government class.  How would you answer these questions?  Below are my answers. a. There seems to be a growing trend away … [Read more...]