God and coincidence

Do you believe in fate? Coincidence? Full divine providence? Or maybe a combination? In religious circles a good many people believe God is controlling our lives, in that there are no coincidences. I'm not delving into whether God can do this, or has the right. Rather what is the case. For me, I … [Read more...]

Have you ever doubted your convictions?

Having been writing this blog for so long, and coming into contact with so many people who question and challenge my beliefs, I sometimes do an "audit" so to speak, to gauge the strength of my conviction that Christianity is true.  Whether such an exercise has any substantial benefit, I'm not sure.  … [Read more...]

Theological narcissism

This comment was given in response to a local news agency reporting on the United Methodist Church formally charging a minister for presiding over his son's same-sex wedding. Does Catherine really think God is pleased as punch with her every thought and deed?  You know what? I think she does. It's … [Read more...]

Balking at the opportunity to put us in our place

One of the difficulties in discussion all things religion with Atheists is their unwillingness to defend any criticism they have about the existence of God. By and large they feel they have no obligation of defend the claims they make as though they can simply hurl criticism.  This mentality of … [Read more...]

Could someone love you if…

If it could be known by another person everything about you; all your desires, your likes (even the weird things) and dislikes, private quirks, every thing you've done even in private, and every thought you've had, could you be loved? If I had to be honest, if every deed I've done, thought were … [Read more...]

What do Atheists really believe about Theists?

Specifically, what do you, who are Atheists, believe about why Theists are theists?  For example, I hear quite often and see just as often statements like "you only believe in God/your God because of your parents/upbringing/where you were born.  Break free!"  Sure I suppose some, maybe even many … [Read more...]

Do all religions lead to God?

I know not everyone who holds to one form of theism or another believes that all religions are simply different paths to the same God, or deity, or higher power et al, but some do. In my experience these people consider themselves to be highly spiritual.  To these people I ask: How do you know this … [Read more...]