“No Loser” events don’t help kids

Many schools and institutions have, over the past few decades, drifted toward an environment where children don't ever feel the agony of defeat.  They hold events where no one keeps score, where no one wins or loses.  Little Leagues for baseball, softball, and football do this too early on.  The … [Read more...]

Open Thread — Judge orders Plan-B available to girls of any age

(Fox News) -- A federal judge ruled Friday that the morning-after pill known as Plan B must be made available over the counter for women of all ages. The decision on the controversial subject comes after lengthy legal battles over who should have access to the pill and at what age. The Justice … [Read more...]

Law Allows Prayer In Public Schools

The organization American Atheists is fuming over a bill in Mississippi known as the RELIGIOUS VIEWPOINTS ANTIDISCRIMINATION ACT. From their website: Last Thursday, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed HB 638, a bill requiring public schools to develop policies allowing students to pray over … [Read more...]

Holy Bible In Public Schools…

Judeo-Christian values are the foundation of Western society. This immutable fact cannot be intelligently refuted, yet it remains a belabored point nonetheless. It’s an argument had every couple of years, or whenever a politician or special interest group, motivated by piety or not, demand that the … [Read more...]