Proposed public drinking ban… is racist

A Columbia city Councilwoman is being criticized for proposing a drinking ban in a local park because the park is located in a predominantly black neighborhood. (Columbia Tribune) -- Citing a desire to improve public health and make Columbia parks more family friendly, First Ward Councilwoman Ginny … [Read more...]

Government imposes political correctness on private business

For those of you who follow the news, the federal government has sufficiently pressured the US Patent Office to revoke the trademark for the NFL team, the Washington Redskins.  First and foremost I find it suspicious that these kinds of frivolous movements only take root in years when a certain … [Read more...]

What happens when people listen to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson What I thought was most telling about this woman's tirade was how it didn't seem like she took into account at all how people come to own businesses. It appeared as though people just "come here" and get a business. She then complains that these … [Read more...]

Insistence on diversity is the opposite of diversity

In a letter to the editor of the Daily Bruin, UCLA's campus newspaper, a UC Berkeley alumnus encapsulates the problem with obsessing over diversity.  His view mirrors my own on this issue. Martin Luther King's I Have A Dream speech embodies what true diversity looks like.  True diversity is … [Read more...]

Liberal panelists caught in their double standard about race

Notice the change in the tone of the panelists.  It's quite telling.  Almost as if the whole racist "code words" thing is just made up to discredit and slander political opponents. … [Read more...]

The Oscars is an Affirmative Action awards show, apparently

Liberal rag derides Rush Limbaugh for insinuating that the Academy Award voters picked 12 Years a Slave simply because it was about slavery and had the word 'slave' in the title.  Even in the headline they throw a little dig at Limbaugh for not having seen the movie. Many other leftist … [Read more...]

What should we do with poor Blacks in America?

I only know one group of people who would even have a question like this come to mind.  The "compassionate" liberally minded politician with an enlightened sense of social justice.  I don't like the idea of social justice.  It presumes one demographic of people is so down trodden they need someone … [Read more...]

Lesson 1 – Everything Is Racist

Here's a list of things that are racist, according to the Political Left.  Enjoy. Questioning the president's jobs figures Preferring white meat over dark at Thanksgiving Calling the biggest retail sale day 'Black Friday' Criticizing the judgement of Susan Rice over her repeated … [Read more...]