What happens when people listen to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson

What I thought was most telling about this woman’s tirade was how it didn’t seem like she took into account at all how people come to own businesses. It appeared as though people just “come here” and get a business. She then complains that these ‘illegitimate’ entrepreneurs are essentially bilking the (black) community out of their money. She gives no consideration to the fact that these business owners are providing goods and services that the community actually desires.

What do you take from this altercation.


  1. Kendrick says:

    Mindful that generalizing from this anecdote falls directly into the trap of racialized narratives that we are supposed to be escaping, I take from this altercation that the intermittently articulate and misinformed woman was having a very bad day, and the charge for the water was the last straw. I have had bad days like that.

  2. Who enslaved her? The notion that because ancestors were slaves then she can expect something for it is pretty lame. People like this woman exploit the suffering of their ancestors for personal gain.

Any Thoughts?

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