Gay waiter gets the shaft at local restaurant

Pardon my juvenile attempt at an inappropriate pun.  Apparently a waiter who looked sufficiently gay was allegedly short-changed by some customers because of his apparent sexual preference. (WFSB) -- A 20-year-old waiter provided exemplary service at an Overland Park Italian restaurant, but his … [Read more...]

“Homeless” to soon be a protected class in Connecticut

Conn. lawmakers are on the verge of making it a hate crime to 'intimidate or harass' the homeless.  Let me be clear up front.  It's obviously wrong to intimidate or harass anyone, more so the more vulnerable among us.  I have stated previously that I oppose the idea of hate crimes in the first … [Read more...]

Is our culture becoming more or less moral?

I think it's probably the norm for one generation to the next to believe the culture is in a state of moral decline. Of course this all depends on your worldview's standard of ethic. Depending on what you view as morally good and morally bad will shape how you view the moral direction of the culture … [Read more...]

Intolerance will not be tolerated

People used to know what tolerance entailed.  It was understood that even though your views were different from someone else's, you still treated them with respect.  This view of tolerance has been abandoned for the most part by people who hold what are generally considered liberal views: … [Read more...]

Blacks aren’t allowed to be Republicans

Many on the left hurl criticism at the right for being the party of old white men.  And they're right.  Blacks aren't just allowed to be in the Republican party.  But not because of Republicans or conservatives, that is.  No, the reason they aren't allowed is because of Liberals and … [Read more...]

Manufacturing Offense

If one thing about society as a whole perturbs me more than any other, it is the constant threat of offence.  For someone who cares whether they unintentionally offend someone, they must maneuver through euphemisms every time they voice their opinion on a controversial topic.  As for myself, I don't … [Read more...]

The Lynching of George Zimmerman

George Zimmerman was inevitably charged with second degree murder by Florida special prosecutor Angela Corey.  This came more than a month after the event which led to the arrest. For some, it was long overdue.  For others, like me, it is considered a travesty of justice.  Not so much because … [Read more...]

What makes all human beings equal?

This seems like a rather mundane question to some, but one everyone needs to have an answer to. It has profound implications politically, sociologically, and religiously. I think it is fair to say that the great majority of us believe all human beings are equal -- not necessarily in social status, … [Read more...]

The Sociology Of Trayvon Martin

The premature death of a teenager is always a tragedy.  Unfortunately, some have used this tragedy to further their political agenda (See: The Politics Of Trayvon Martin), while others use it to stay relevant.  I think people are legitimately upset about Martin's untimely demise.  However, I am … [Read more...]

The Politics Of Trayvon Martin

Since the shooting death of Trayvon Martin by neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman, outrage and sorrow has been expressed by everyone regardless of race or political affiliation.  And rightly so.  I am concerned however, that the tragedy of a teenage son is being exploited for political … [Read more...]

The Prudence of “Islamophobia”

Leading up to and including this weekend there will be no shortage of opinions on both sides of the "Islamophobia" discussion.  There are many people still harbor strong emotions against the ideology that is responsible for nearly 3,000 deaths which rekindle every year on the anniversary of … [Read more...]

LGBT hate crime alarmism

A while back I had posted on hate crime legislation in general as a concept, and why I thought it was a bad idea to criminalize thought.  The statistics just do not bear out the attention hate crime receives.  So when I happened upon a blog post not long ago titled Hate Crimes, on … [Read more...]

Score one for religious bigotry

Fox News -- School officials in Neptune Township, N.J., have bowed to the demands of the ACLU and will cover decades-old religious signs posted in the historic Great Auditorium. Just so we're clear.  If being in the presence of religious symbols and imagery, or hearing religious language like a … [Read more...]

Dems oppose Herman Cain because they're racist…maybe

I like Herman Cain and I hope I get an opportunity to vote for him.  Unfortunately I do not think he can win a national election.  I don't see the American Independents (the voting base who actually elects Presidents) will feel comfortable electing someone who is not a politician. Deep down, I … [Read more...]

If you haven’t been victimized, make it up

A University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill student had reported to police on April 5th that he was assaulted with a hot metal object by a man who also used a homosexual slur during the attack.  After further investigation, the Department of Public Safety has determined Quinn Matney had invented … [Read more...]