If you haven’t been victimized, make it up

A University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill student had reported to police on April 5th that he was assaulted with a hot metal object by a man who also used a homosexual slur during the attack.  After further investigation, the Department of Public Safety has determined Quinn Matney had invented the attack.  Appropriately, the university officials will discontinue the incident’s classification as a hate crime.

Apparently Matney’s life as a (presumed) homosexual has not produce an adequate amount of harassment and hate and has turned to inventing incidents.  I think instances of invented hate crimes can be directly related to the victim mentality.  This seems to hold true, that there are some individuals in every class, who make it their business to be a victim.

When people are told by their particular cause’s activists that they are victims; that they should expect to be victims; and that you need to be constantly looking over your shoulder, you will always read into every slight a personal attack.  Perhaps Matney has not been a victim yet and felt he was not meeting the expectations of the proper activists.

I wonder (not really) if this incident of a false hate crime report will receive the same attention that a white woman falsely claiming to be attacked by a black man receives?  Those women that allege being victims of black attackers deserve the public humiliation of being outed as a racist.  Matney needs to be branded the anti-anti-homosexual bigot he is, and castigated appropriately.


  1. He’s an idiot.

    Doesn’t change anything about gay rights, but yeah, this individual is a moron.

    • Personally I don’t think he had “gay rights” in mind, I think he was trying to perpetuate the false idea that anti-homosexual hate crime is a rampant problem.

      • I think he was trying to perpetuate the false idea that he was the personal victim of an assault for being gay.

        Anti-gay violence and persecution still exists and is way more common than it should be.

  2. Calla Lilly says:

    Exactly notascientist. Homophobic hate crime and violence is a lot more common then most people realize.

    From what I’ve read about this young man, he apparently self harms, and made up that he was attacked out of shame, and it just snowballed from there. While I don’t condone what he did, my first boyfriend self harmed and attempted suicide, and I have had several friends who have done the same. Its incredibly distressing to everyone, and I can see why someone would choose being attacked as an alternative. While I am pretty angry at the many people who will choose this incident as an excuse to dismiss all homophobic violence and persecution as “being made up”, I would much rather see this young man get the help he needs. If someone burns themselves that badly, then something is wrong.

    At the same time though, both versions of the story (the original, and now this one) sound fishy. I’m going to wait longer before I draw any conclusions.

    • I disagree, hate-crimes on homosexuals are far more rare than we are led to believe. As I said, when you are told you are a victim and that everyone hates you, you will find insults and examples of “hate” all around you.

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