What Is Marriage?

I ask those proponents of same-sex marriage (S-SM) this question: what is marriage?  This is not some glib rhetorical question.  The responses from the previous commentaries have me scratching my head and wondering what it is S-SM advocates believe marriage's purpose is.  I must ask because there … [Read more...]

Score one for religious bigotry

Fox News -- School officials in Neptune Township, N.J., have bowed to the demands of the ACLU and will cover decades-old religious signs posted in the historic Great Auditorium. Just so we're clear.  If being in the presence of religious symbols and imagery, or hearing religious language like a … [Read more...]

Authorized Personnel Only

In the last commentary I responded to an op-ed piece from Rich Benjamin on NYTimes.com in which he made his case for boycotting the weddings of his heterosexual family and friends.  I argued that his reasons for his protest are empty in content, since what he suggested the homosexual community … [Read more...]

Giving at the office

Liberals are always quite generous with other people's money. So much so that we now have a near irreversible entitlement 'where's my stuff?' society.  With nearly 50% of the country paying no federal income taxes, the takers have become complacent with expecting their hand-out. One of aspect of … [Read more...]

Lesson in elections, TEA party I'm looking at you!

From CNN -- "Democrat Kathy Hochul swept to victory Tuesday night in a closely watched Congressional election in New York state, which turned into a proxy battle on a House Republican proposal on Medicare. [...]  Democrats claimed the victory "had far reaching consequences around the country" over … [Read more...]

Répondez S’il Vous Plaît

In a NYTimes op-ed piece titled Not Going to the Chapel, Rich Benjamin presents his case defending his recent decision to boycott the weddings of his heterosexual friends and family. It’s true. I’m boycotting all heterosexual weddings.  How utterly absurd to celebrate an institution that I am … [Read more...]

Dems oppose Herman Cain because they're racist…maybe

I like Herman Cain and I hope I get an opportunity to vote for him.  Unfortunately I do not think he can win a national election.  I don't see the American Independents (the voting base who actually elects Presidents) will feel comfortable electing someone who is not a politician. Deep down, I … [Read more...]

Florida punishing the poor?

From the fine folks at the ACLU comes more nonsense about institutionalized marginalization of low-income families. The state of Florida is considering legislation allowing the government to drug test applicants of state welfare programs.  Of course the ACLU interprets this as a punishment of some … [Read more...]

Reconciling The Circularity

I hold to my religious conviction pretty strongly.  But like everyone else, I have some unanswered questions.  There are gaps in my certitude.  I don't find this to be a problem with my worldview or my convictions.  I'd like to make the subjects of the next few commentaries some of the gaps in my … [Read more...]

It's almost the end of the world…maybe

The hype surrounding the May 21, 2011 end of the world message is gaining media attention.  I suppose that is part of the goal.  If the world is about to end, you'd want as many people to hear about it as possible.  But I think there may be a good way to determine whether even the proponents of this … [Read more...]

Local DWI activist opposes reduction in drunk drivers

A Bernalillo County (New Mexico) program, Safe Ride, offers those who drink too much to drive themselves rides to and from home at no cost out-of-pocket.  Safe Ride is set to receive a $20,000 increase in funding next year, but not if the DWI Resource Center has anything to say about it. "I have a … [Read more...]

What If You’re Wrong?

At some point everyone should deeply examine their beliefs.  I say 'should' because not everyone does or even thinks to do this.  I believe there is a tendency for a good many people to form beliefs hastily, reacting emotionally to issues and letting their feelings govern what they believe is true.  … [Read more...]

CT on the verge of passing paid sick leave bill

Senate Bill 913 narrowly passed a vote making Connecticut one step closer to becoming the first state to force employers to furnish their employees with paid sick leave.  The law would require businesses with 50 or more employees to add to the list of benefits 1 hour of earned sick leave for every … [Read more...]

Dear God,

Recently I read about a little girl who wrote a letter to God about her dog that had just died.  She sent pictures and a letter addressed to God asking that He take care of her dog.  A few days later there was a package on the family's porch which contained a book for children about how to grieve … [Read more...]

LSU Student to burn U.S. flag in protest

A Louisiana State University student Benjamin Hass has taken the necessary steps to burn an American flag in a planned protest on campus.  A counter-protest is also planned one hour after the scheduled noon flag-burning by Cody Wells, the LSU student government president. The counter-protest will … [Read more...]

Blinded By Hate

Paris Hatcher, the executive director of SPARK, Reproductive Justice Now, is being interviewed to get her reaction to "how pregnant women are treated" starting with a minority woman from Nashville who gave birth while incarcerated.  The woman was reportedly placed in restraints while in transport to … [Read more...]

Christian weatherman fired for objecting to story

Chief meteorologist Jack Church of KERO-TV was fired from his job at the Bakersfield CA news station for objecting to a news story which was to air.  Church claims he was fired for objecting to a story which was to highlight Gentlemen's clubs which have remained successful in this economic … [Read more...]

Cheerleader forced to pay legal bills for school

A girl had accused one of her fellow students of sexually assaulting her at a party. He ended up pleading guilty to a misdemeanor in order to avoid having to do any jail time.  The boy was allowed to return to school and the play for the school basketball team.  She continued to cheer for her team … [Read more...]

I Don’t Not Believe It!

In the war against Atheism's true and traditional usage, Atheists have devised a rhetorical device in an effort to remove the burden of proof which would require them to offer a defense of their belief God does not exist.  The have employed the phrase "I lack belief" in a god or gods, or, "I don't … [Read more...]

Should Bush be receiving more credit for OBL kill?

Some liberals are getting offended that former president Bush is receiving more accolades than President Obama for the death of bin Laden. Even Obama made it very clear in his self-congratulatory speech making the announcement.  He was crystal clear that he weighed the options, he made the decision, … [Read more...]