Christian weatherman fired for objecting to story

Chief meteorologist Jack Church of KERO-TV was fired from his job at the Bakersfield CA news station for objecting to a news story which was to air.  Church claims he was fired for objecting to a story which was to highlight Gentlemen’s clubs which have remained successful in this economic recession.

According to Church’s Facebook post about the issue, he claims he requested the day off when the story was to air and was denied.  He was later fired for not reporting for work.

While I commend Church for taking a stand based on religious principles, I support the news station on this.  Working for a TV news station there is a risk that a story might run afoul of your principles.  Unfortunately, you know that going in, there is no avoiding it.  A news station must report the news which it deems interesting and relevant and cannot be expected to check in with staff to make sure no one is offended.

The attention Church brings to himself as an offended Christian does a disservice to other Christians who actually realize that we, as Christians, should not expect non-Christians to act as though they were.  By making this an issue, when he was clearly in the wrong, makes Christians look like hyper-sensitive cry-babies.  I am rather surprised that Church, who claims to be Christian, was acting as though he had the right to not be offended.  The Bible warns that the world will not conform to our standards.  This should be no surprise.

Though Church made an attempt to be off from work during the broadcast, he was denied.  That means he was expected to be at work.  When he didn’t show, the station had every right to discipline him.

As it stands, life happens, and the news reports it.  Sometimes it’s a little raw and offensive.  Perhaps if Church is so easily offended, he should find a line of work that segregates him from society.


  1. Terrance H. says:


    I have more respect for you now. When I read the first few lines, I assumed you were going to take the side of the weatherman.

    I don’t know why. You and me agree on most issues, but I’m comfortable saying you’re a little bit more to the Right than me. But, maybe not as much as I thought.

    Good post.

    • I’m definately to the right on my politics. But I allow for common sense and compassion where necessary. I’ve got some libertarian tendencies in there somewhere too.

      I just think a lot of Christians think they have a right to be sheltered from offensive things. Honestly, it depends on the context. Even in the work place, like Church, even though he was only a meteorologist, he worked for the news.

      Of course the goal of the news is not to be offensive, but life can be and the news is to tell us about it when it is. You can’t just play your Christianity like a spade and expect everyone to cater to you.

  2. Look at that, John – for once you and I are in total agreement!

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