Liberalism is always on the wrong side of life

This need not be a long post in order to convey a recent observation concerning liberalism and life.  They always seem to be on the wrong side of it. Liberalism is pro-abortion.  Elective abortion intentionally takes the life of innocent human beings for reasons of convenience and … [Read more...]

Do you censor yourself on social media?

The advent of social media outlets have made a small world even smaller.  Friends of yesteryear and family rarely seen or heard from have been brought back together via Facebook, Twitter and other internet social mediums.  In addition to reconnecting with family and friends, people voice their views … [Read more...]

Washington halts the death penalty, but should it?

Governor Jay Inslee of Washington state has enacted a moratorium on capital punishment.  Anti-capital punishment activists are relishing the success and death row inmates are resting a little easier knowing they'll never meet the fate they imperiled upon their victims.  What purpose does a political … [Read more...]

When confronted with a choice, abortion Doc chooses life

Abortion "doctor" Kermit Gosnell was recently found guilty by a jury of his moral superiors earlier this week on three counts of murder. It is highly unfortunate that hundreds of his victims are unknown and will not see justice for their own deaths, but this is still shows that some pro-abortion … [Read more...]

Because Islam is the ‘Religion of Peace’

What has two thumbs and loves irony... this guy. (Bloomberg) -- Kuwait’s parliament approved a law imposing the death penalty on any Muslim who insults God, his prophets, messengers, Prophet Mohammad’s wives or the Koran, in any form of expression, if they don’t repent. The bill, which adds … [Read more...]

Are you a Real Pro-Life Christian?

Must one be pro-all life in order to be consistently pro-life?  It is seen as an inconsistency by some that pro-life advocates are only concerned with fetuses and not with those facing the death penalty.  But is this a true inconsistency? Briefly, I understand the pro-life position to be this: It … [Read more...]

Is our culture becoming more or less moral?

I think it's probably the norm for one generation to the next to believe the culture is in a state of moral decline. Of course this all depends on your worldview's standard of ethic. Depending on what you view as morally good and morally bad will shape how you view the moral direction of the culture … [Read more...]

Which philosophy do you use?

I had previously posed this question in a poll: Which philosophy is better: Your religious views should inform your political views; your political views should inform your religious views; or, both should be compartmentalized and neither should inform the other? I would like to know where my … [Read more...]

Matters Of Life And Death

(KMTR) -- Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber has imposed a moratorium on the death penalty for the remainder of his term, saying he's morally opposed to the capital punishment and has long regretted allowing two men to be executed in the 1990s... [A]nd both voluntarily waived their appeals. When I saw … [Read more...]

The last supper

Texas death row inmate Lawrence Russell Brewer was executed last Wednesday.  His execution has caused quite a stir.  Not among anti-death row activists mind you, no, they were busy protesting convicted cop killer Troy Davis' (who had 12 courts uphold his conviction in a mass conspiracy) … [Read more...]

Cop killer Troy Davis executed

Convicted cop-killer Troy Davis was executed by the State of Georgia yesterday after 22 years on death row.  Anti-death penalty advocates are all a flutter over this man because of an alleged suspicion of doubt concerning his guilt.  According to the ACLU: "...the world watched Georgia take the life … [Read more...]

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

In the previous article titled: You Are What You Eat, a woman who consumed rat poison which is believed to have led to the death of her 3 day-old child was discussed; and the implications surrounding the pro-abortion argument that "it's a woman's body...".  One commenter raised this concern:  "car … [Read more...]

But How Much Will It Cost?

The trial of a Connecticut man convicted of the murders of a Cheshire family save one has brought national media attention to a state which barely makes a blip on the radar.  The most recent news is that Steven Hayes has been sentenced to death by a jury of his peers.  Most everyone has an opinion … [Read more...]