Sifting Reality: 2012 in review

Here are the stats for this blog for 2012.  September marked two full years of blogging for me and my enjoyment has grown along with it.  I'm grateful to my followers, and to my regular commenters especially.  I enjoy the discussion with all of you, even with those I disagree with the most.  I hope … [Read more...]

Sunday fun: Some love from the ‘hood

I found this gem while at work.  I prefer to think the monogram refers to this page, Sifting Reality, you can't prove it doesn't.  Besides, people love me. … [Read more...]

Note the change

If you are one of my readers who has this site bookmarked, note the change in URL.  For some time now I have grown tiresome of having to type in truthinreligionandpolitics.  It's long and cumbersome, so I have decided to update to  It's shorter and easier to write out. For the … [Read more...]

I’m not dead yet

Just to keep any regular readers updated: I haven't quit this endeavor yet.  My absence is due to a new home purchase and moving is a bit hectic. My wife and I bought a house not long after we were engaged about nine years ago just before the home prices began to inflate to absurd levels.  We … [Read more...]


I ordinarily do not post with the sole purpose of promoting websites or blogs and it is not likely to become a habit.  A friend of mine, a university student, has started a website called for musicians and music lovers.  My reason for doing this is two-fold.  First, I don't know … [Read more...]

Rules Of Engagement

When I began this writing endeavor I didn't want many stipulations.  I wanted to write, and I wanted input.  Agree or disagree, it didn't really matter too much, and it doesn't matter now either.  So from the beginning I had only one stated rule, be cordial.  As time passed however, I discovered I … [Read more...]