Why shouldn’t religion be taught in schools?

Political secularists have thus far been successful in preventing religion from crossing the threshold of our public schools.  There needs to be, they say, a separation of church and state.  We can't be having our students discussing one of the most important queries a person could ever consider: … [Read more...]

How you choose religion

I have always been curious as to the method people use to choose their religious convictions. For some, they are born into a family and remain in the tradition. This is probably the case for most people. Some -- albeit relatively few -- will weigh the claims of competing faith traditions and … [Read more...]

Mormons at the door

My regular readers know how much I like to argue and debate.  Perhaps this is also why I so enjoy when door-to-door missionaries come knocking on my door whether it's Mormons or Jehovah's witnesses.  The other day LDS missionaries who had come once before while I wasn't home returned.  They were two … [Read more...]

Haters, Haters Everywhere

The air is heating up with Republican presidential hopeful Mit Romney's religion making its way to the arena of public discussion.  Ever since Pastor Robert Jeffress stated in an interview that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) -- or, Mormonism -- is theologically a cult, there … [Read more...]

According to Mormonism, can Mormons be saved?

Do Mormons have forgiveness?  I mean as a Mormon following the Mormon scriptures--assuming for the sake of argument, they are true.  Mormonism is a works based faith, requiring obedience to a divine law in addition to a faith in the God which it claims. The answer is an astounding...doesn’t look … [Read more...]