When being hypocritical, try not to be so ironic about it

I came across the thehotness.com and noticed a little irony I'd like to share. Why doesn't it matter to those who support Trayvon Martin that this case was not about race, nor was his shooting related to race at all?  The police, the FBI, Zimmerman's life, and even Trayvon's parents confirm … [Read more...]

Open Thread — Protests and Looting in the name of Trayvon Martin

Since the acquittal of George Zimmerman crowds of protesters have taken to the streets to show their disgust with the verdict.  Until recently the gatherings have been merely disruptive.  However, they are becoming increasingly violent.  I predict looting will soon follow. I can't help but think … [Read more...]

Justice wins: George Zimmerman found Not Guilty

In a case which made national headlines for the sole reason that the shooter and victim were two different colors, justice has been done.  The jury of all women rendered a verdict of not guilty on all charges against defendant George Zimmerman for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. From the … [Read more...]

The reaction of those wishing for a Guilty verdict for George Zimmerman

Both during the trial and after the verdict was delivered, the reaction of those hoping for a guilty verdict was universal: The facts of the case were ignored. The only relevant detail being considered seems to be that a grown man shot and killed an unarmed teenager.  None of the witness … [Read more...]

George Zimmerman Verdict: NOT GUILTY!

Justice was served tonight. George Zimmerman was found NOT GUILY on all charges. SANFORD, Fla.--George Zimmerman, the man accused of murdering Trayvon Martin, has been found not guilty of second murder and manslaughter. The verdict is the culmination of a case that captured the nation's … [Read more...]

Is the Zimmerman trial a real life ‘Sleepers’ plot?

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the movie 'Sleepers' it's about four friends who pull a prank on a street vendor which goes horribly wrong.  After getting caught each is sentenced to a juvenile facility where they are abused and raped by a few select guards.  Fast forward to adulthood. … [Read more...]

Justice for George Zimmerman?

The trial of George Zimmerman, the man on trial for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin in what he claims was self defense, is in a fight for his life -- on multiple fronts.  If convicted he faces life in jail.  And if acquitted, he faces a life on the run in hiding.  Twitter is abuzz with death threats … [Read more...]