Is the Zimmerman trial a real life ‘Sleepers’ plot?

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the movie ‘Sleepers‘ it’s about four friends who pull a prank on a street vendor which goes horribly wrong.  After getting caught each is sentenced to a juvenile facility where they are abused and raped by a few select guards.  Fast forward to adulthood.  Two of the boys are street thugs, one is a State prosecutor, and the last is a newspaper reporter.  The two thugs run into one of the guards in a restaurant and shoot him in front of witnesses.  The prosecutor and arranges to be assigned to the case and with the help of the newspaper reporter they craft a way to lose the case and get all the abusive guards to testify and get them all to admit, through questioning,  they and the murdered guard abused the boys.

Given the whirlwind of twists and turns surrounding the Zimmerman trial, I can’t help but wonder if this is a mock trial in the same way as in ‘Sleepers’.

Think about it.  All the evidence, and I mean all the evidence points toward George Zimmerman’s innocence, and the State’s witnesses seem to do more to benefit Zimmerman than the prosecution.  To name only a few:

  • Zimmerman passed a voice stress test the night of the shooting, which is similar to a polygraph.
  • Zimmerman showed injuries consistent with his version of the event.
  • Eyewitnesses to the altercation corroborate Zimmerman’s account.
  • The State’s key witness has been caught several times lying under oath.
  • Another State’s witness corroborated Zimmerman’s account on the witness stand.

Let’s also take into consideration that Zimmerman’s arrest and prosecution were brought about by little more than public outcry.  The State’s attorney had little choice given the threats of violence and uprising by supporters of Martin.  They had to prosecute Zimmerman.

Is it really a stretch to believe the State’s attorney chose to prosecute Zimmerman and take a case to trial which has virtually no evidence pointing towards guilt in order to clear Zimmerman?  It clears Zimmerman’s name with a jury verdict rather than a lack of prosecution.  I’m not one to believe conspiracy theories, but this has all the musings of a sham trial which the prosecutor knows is going to lose.


  1. Zimmerman is screwed because if he is acquitted there will violence by those who are the real racists.

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