If you don’t support abortion, you hate America

That's the message from Planned Parenthood anyway. https://twitter.com/PPact/status/352852174339977217 … [Read more...]

Republicans and Conservatives are more proud to be American than Democrats and Liberals

I'll try to contain my shock.  I was actually thinking about this while I was riding my scooter this morning.  I passed by a house which was flying the American flag and underneath, the Gadsden flag.  I said to myself, 'there's no way that's a Liberal', and that's said.  It shouldn't be so easy to … [Read more...]

Remember Independence Day

Take some time today to read and reflect on what America's Founders endured for the opportunity to begin anew.  They organized against their King that they may usurp his authority to reign over them and faced certain death for their actions.  Below is the Declaration of Independence.  In it, our … [Read more...]