Republicans and Conservatives are more proud to be American than Democrats and Liberals

I’ll try to contain my shock.  I was actually thinking about this while I was riding my scooter this morning.  I passed by a house which was flying the American flag and underneath, the Gadsden flag.  I said to myself, ‘there’s no way that’s a Liberal’, and that’s said.  It shouldn’t be so easy to be right about something like that.  Well, Gallup has released a survey showing that there are fewer Democrats and Liberals who are proud to be American than Republicans and Conservatives.

Proud to be an American, by age, region, ideology, and party ID

The more closely I follow the political culture of America, I can’t help but to notice the cavernous divide between those on the political left and right.  For the life of me I can’t see how one could value and prioritize the issues the political left holds so dear.  I just can’t.

Regardless of the numbers above, the extremely/very proud column is still too low.


  1. paynehollow says:

    How could we on the Left be “less that proud” that we’re Americans? Because our allegiance is with God and Truth, not a nation. When our nation stands for the good and right and Godly, we are proud. Our nation does not always do this, thus, we are not always proud.

    What’s irrational or unusual about that? Especially for Christians?

    Do you see Israel’s leaders being consistently “proud” of their nation? Do you see Jesus or his followers (many of whom were persecuted and even killed by their nation) being overtly proud of Rome?

    Where is your primary allegiance? A nation or God?

    What I don’t get is this notion that we must feel proud of/loyal to our nation, good or bad.

    ~Dan Trabue

    • Actually dan, liberals and Democrats are less religious and more likely to be atheists. So there goes that theory. Plus by bringing this up youre off topic and I’ll delete all your comments I deem off topic from now on because you’re hypocritical and petty on your own blog.

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