Open Thread — Global Warming

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Who is proud of Texas Senator Wendy Davis?

Texas Sen. Wendy Davis spent about 13 hours filibustering a bill which would prohibit elective abortion after 20 weeks and hold abortion facilities accountable for meeting otherwise basic health and safety standards.  In that same period of time, 1,796 babies lost their lives at the hands of doctors … [Read more...]

Justice for George Zimmerman?

The trial of George Zimmerman, the man on trial for fatally shooting Trayvon Martin in what he claims was self defense, is in a fight for his life -- on multiple fronts.  If convicted he faces life in jail.  And if acquitted, he faces a life on the run in hiding.  Twitter is abuzz with death threats … [Read more...]

Oregon residents planning funeral for local massacre

I'm all for conservation.  But environmentalists and 'green activists' take conservation to environmentalism, which virtually worships the Earth and the environment -- it should be listed in the DSM. Thousands of bees were found dead after a pesticide was used in Wilsonville, OR.  There has been … [Read more...]

Liberal Bias?

No one likes to believe they've bought into a conspiracy theory, or are seeing things which simply aren't there, but sometimes the crazy people are right. If you talk long enough with a conservative like me about why our country is so far off the rails, I might tell you it's due to the educations … [Read more...]

Basic Truths You Can’t Talk About Anymore in America, Part 5

John Hawkins from Right Wing News posted a list of 20 issues which are considered too politically incorrect to discuss openly in America anymore. (Number 5) -- The reason most politicians in D.C. are shameless liars with no character is because most Americans will knowingly choose a shameless liar … [Read more...]

What’s your fair share?

For as many times as I've heard the 'fair share' discussion it is always from the prospective of the wealthy being morally responsible for relinquishing more of their money for the good of the less wealthy.  I never hear it asked what those defending this "redistribution" consider what the … [Read more...]

Shameless self-promotion: Vote for me!

An online newspaper for one of the local towns in my area is holding a contest for the best photo from the fireworks.  The winner gets lunch for two at a local restaurant.  Photo number 1 is my wife's photo.  (LINK HERE) Voting ends todaybat noon. Just puttin' it out there... draw your own … [Read more...]

Atheists do believe God exists

Ordinarily I'd side with Atheists who would object to the Theist (Christians mostly) who would assert that the Atheist does in fact know God exists.  Not because I think the accusation is wrong, but because telling someone what they believe is generally not a good starting point.  Why would a … [Read more...]

Why is Bill Gates going to hell?

Why is Bill Gates going to hell?  I have no idea and I don't even know that he is.  But every once in a while you run across a graphic created by a critic of Christianity (and religion) which attempts to show why its soteriology doesn't make sense... or something. So whats the problem?  Simple, no … [Read more...]

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is a blessing in the world Yes, the same Chris Hayes who was caught lying about racist Democrat Governor of Alabama, George Wallace by labeling him a Republican on his show.  Eventually Hayes … [Read more...]

What are moral issues?

Regardless of one's worldview there needs to be a structure in place to identify and navigate through moral issues.  I think most of us do this automatically -- our moral filters are already in place by the time we need them. After reflecting on this for the past day or so, I'm finding it … [Read more...]

Is the Christian doctrine of inerrancy derived from circular reasoning?

I pondered this quite some time ago and have no shame is presenting my own uncertainties to an audience.  Inerrancy as I understand it can be summed up as: everything the Bible asserts to be true, is true.  Of course this gets to the heart of the post.  Inerrancy, at least on the surface, appears to … [Read more...]

Is America becoming the world’s bad example?

Is he serious? you ask yourself.  Well, yes and no.  The governmental structure of communist USSR was terrible, both for the citizens of the nation and for the threat it posed to the free world.  People were the innocent victims of political oppression; those seen as potential enemies of the … [Read more...]

Sunday fun — Travel stories

I have been commissioned to fly to Tennessee in order to drive my grandmother back home. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity for some much needed father / daughter time with my oldest whom just turned 13 this week. Because she has never flown it was going to make for a small adventure, … [Read more...]

Orwell’s 1984 Sales Increase

George Orwell's classic,1984, is fashionable yet again. According to Amazon.Com, the 64-year-old novel has seen a 24-hour sales increase of 3,300%, an astounding number by any measure. The following passage may ring a bell: "Asleep or awake, working or eating, indoors or out of doors, in the … [Read more...]

Basic Truths You Can’t Talk About in America Anymore, Part 4

John Hawkins from Right Wing News posted a list of 20 issues which are considered too politically incorrect to discuss openly in America anymore. (Number 4) --  As often as not in America, the people claiming to be “victims” are the real bullies and they don’t deserve anyone’s sympathy. The example … [Read more...]

Basic Truths You Can’t Talk About in America Anymore, Part 3

John Hawkins from Right Wing News posted a list of 20 issues which are considered too politically incorrect to discuss openly in America anymore. (Number 3) -- Most black Americans are good and decent people, but percentage wise there are more black Americans in jail because percentage wise, black … [Read more...]

Plan B: The Slippery Slope

Well, you can't say the pro-life groups didn't call it.  Only a month after the court decision to allow the "morning after pill" (a pill which will prevent pregnancy by prohibiting a fertilized egg i.e., a new human being, from implanting in the uterus) to girls as young as 15, the Obama … [Read more...]

Senate candidate Markey: It’s Not Math, It’s Arithmetic

How sad is it that Massachusetts voters will likely vote this man into office? __________________________________________________________ About as sad as the Georgia voters who keep electing this guy (warning, if you make it through the mindless questions about the size of Guam, your attention … [Read more...]