How much government intervention should we tolerate?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's attempt to ban large sugary beverages has been thwarted yet again by a state appeals court Tuesday.  Personally, I don't think it would do much to solve the problem he was targeting, but I suppose his heart is in the right place. (AP via Yahoo News) --  New … [Read more...]

The Living Wage

As a conservative it is somewhat peculiar to admit support for anything that hampers the free market, like a living wage. But I come from a family that has had more than its fair share of financial struggles that no bootstrap pulling would ease. My experience has shown that low-paying jobs are not … [Read more...]

Open Thread — Police vs. Armed Citizens

  (via thelookingspoon) … [Read more...]

More Atheist thinking fail That there may have been 18,000 invented gods, their being invented has no bearing on whether the 18,001st is also invented. Let's say I've been commissioned to pick up a friend of a friend, named Dana Smith from the airport whom I've never … [Read more...]

Death in the family

If you one who is inclined to pray, please do so for my wife and our family. Her grandmother, 98, passed peacefully last night at the hospital. Graciously, her family was with her when she breathed her last. If you are one who is not inclined to pray, please keep us in your thoughts. If you are a … [Read more...]

Could someone love you if…

If it could be known by another person everything about you; all your desires, your likes (even the weird things) and dislikes, private quirks, every thing you've done even in private, and every thought you've had, could you be loved? If I had to be honest, if every deed I've done, thought were … [Read more...]

Atheist thinking fail

Let me begin by saying up front that I get the point: if you hold exclusive religious beliefs you, in essence, condemn those outside your group to hell.  But the atheist world view doesn't hold that non-Atheists receive any eternal punishment, so why not hold to atheism so you don't have to believe … [Read more...]

Open Thread — Obamacare and job creation

As Obamacare's regulations begin to kick in, businesses are scaling back their work forces.  Between cutting hours to less than 30 per week and laying off to come in under the 50 employee threshold, they are doing what they can to avoid the costly mandate that is Obamacare. Here's the thing.  If … [Read more...]

When being hypocritical, try not to be so ironic about it

I came across the and noticed a little irony I'd like to share. Why doesn't it matter to those who support Trayvon Martin that this case was not about race, nor was his shooting related to race at all?  The police, the FBI, Zimmerman's life, and even Trayvon's parents confirm … [Read more...]

The demographics of minimum wage workers

When the subject of the minimum wage does come up, we are told of all the people who try to support their families on such low wages.  Just recently, McDonald's was criticized for publishing a budget chart for their employees that included a second job.  What isn't mentioned by the critics of the … [Read more...]

Murder and killing

Due to the degree of disagreement between those who agree and disagree with the not guilty verdict handed down for George Zimmerman, I must ask if people may be using blurred definitions. If you believe Zimmerman should have been found guilty, do you distinguish between killing and murder?  I'm … [Read more...]

Freedom From Religion Foundation panics over Holocaust memorial

The religious bigots at the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF) are hyperventilating over the possibility of the Star of David being displayed at a Holocaust memorial at the Ohio state capital.  Yes, at a Holocaust museum where 6 million Jews were murdered. (FFRF) -- The Freedom From Religion … [Read more...]

Sunday Fun — Family Reunions

Yesterday kicked of the inaugural Barron family reunion.  It was a great time.  This was an opportunity to meet family from all over the country: California, Florida, Massachusetts, and New York, some of whom I haven't seen since early childhood, or at all. My family has deep roots in Connecticut … [Read more...]

Why did you buy a gun?

For anyone who may be inclined to ask a gun owner why they buy and own guns, or why they think they need guns, this YouTube vid explains it all in just 2 minutes. ____________________________________________________________ You know what else is an acceptable answer: "None of your business". … [Read more...]

Open Thread — Protests and Looting in the name of Trayvon Martin

Since the acquittal of George Zimmerman crowds of protesters have taken to the streets to show their disgust with the verdict.  Until recently the gatherings have been merely disruptive.  However, they are becoming increasingly violent.  I predict looting will soon follow. I can't help but think … [Read more...]

The demographics of government food assistance usage

I expect this to be controversial, but draw your attention to the differences.  Blacks are twice as likely as Whites, and Hispanics are one and a half times as likely to use the food stamp programs and Democrats are more than twice as likely as Republicans. I'm asking my readers to speculate as to … [Read more...]

…not in the name of atheism

Religion is responsible for more deaths and wars in the world than any other cause, but not really.  Many Atheists will make this claim and add to it that countries which embrace atheism to greater degrees are more peaceful and bestow more rights upon their citizens than countries thick with … [Read more...]

Thoughts on Zimmerman Verdict

I did not anticipate a "Not Guilty" verdict in the trial of George Zimmerman. It came as a complete shock. For months, I told people that the Left and their clapping seals in the news media would force Zimmerman into the cruel existence of a sacrificial lamb. This was a certain fate, for though a … [Read more...]

Justice wins: George Zimmerman found Not Guilty

In a case which made national headlines for the sole reason that the shooter and victim were two different colors, justice has been done.  The jury of all women rendered a verdict of not guilty on all charges against defendant George Zimmerman for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. From the … [Read more...]

The reaction of those wishing for a Guilty verdict for George Zimmerman

Both during the trial and after the verdict was delivered, the reaction of those hoping for a guilty verdict was universal: The facts of the case were ignored. The only relevant detail being considered seems to be that a grown man shot and killed an unarmed teenager.  None of the witness … [Read more...]