Open Thread — Protests and Looting in the name of Trayvon Martin

Since the acquittal of George Zimmerman crowds of protesters have taken to the streets to show their disgust with the verdict.  Until recently the gatherings have been merely disruptive.  However, they are becoming increasingly violent.  I predict looting will soon follow.

I can’t help but think the majority of those involving themselves with violence in the name of Trayvon Martin are simply using the drama of the verdict as an excuse to vandalize, assault, and possibly loot homes and businesses.  What reason could there be to assault people you don’t know and vandalize businesses which have nothing to do with Martin or Zimmerman?  There is none, it’s an excuse.




  1. yurworstnitemare says:

    Dam rite we should loot for travon aint no way we gettin ahead in ameriKKKa cept by takin!

  2. Just to clarify, the second night of protests in Oakland were the “most violent” (resulting in 13 arrests and few injuries) and there are diminishing returns as you progressively Google “Trayvon Martin first night riots”, “Trayvon Martin second night riots”, ans so on till almost nothing appears for the fourth night and there are no returns on the first page of Google for the fifth night- which would have been last night.
    I don’t know how this results in protests getting “increasingly violent”, but I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps you have better sources than “mainstream news” and Google. Perhaps all hell has broken loose in Oakland and nobody in the media- not even right wing wingnut news- dares to report on it.

    Or maybe some people are desperately hoping that people they like to vilify are going to act the villain.
    This whole post of yours is a massive distortion of reality. Maybe their will be looting- I don’t have a crystal ball- but if I was a betting man I would be betting that there will not. Unless of course, there was something particular about the protesters that made them so lazy as to take several days off before having the “real riots”. Anybody want to speculate? Anybody?

  3. People will use anything as an excuse to misbehave.

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