72% of Democrats, 83% of non-whites support suppressing the minority vote

For those on the political left, voter ID laws are a somewhat contentious subject.  The vocal liberals insist they are an attempt to suppress the minority vote.  For some reason it goes unnoticed that this implies minorities are either unable to figure out how to obtain a photo identification, or … [Read more...]

Syria & Obama’s Big Mouth

The question isn’t whether chemical weapons have been used in Syria; the question is who used them. The White House is certain the attack was ordered by the Assad regime, but British Prime Minster David Cameron expresses some reticence.There is never 100 percent certainty. There is never one piece … [Read more...]

The irony of abortion rights

This says it all when it comes to pro-abortion logic: The political left is obsessed with rights.  But what are rights? What rights do we actually have, and what makes them rights in the first place?  Many people blur the lines between what they believe ought to be rights and real inalienable … [Read more...]

Trending now: #LetMyPeopleVote

I think it's a legitimate question: Who is prevented from voting who wants to and is legally eligible to do so?  Even voter ID laws are not as prohibitive as they're portrayed to be.  The political left suggests minorities have a more difficult time obtaining proper identification.  Why is that?  Is … [Read more...]

Double standards for men and women: drunk sex and domestic violence

Not long ago TV counselor Dr. Phil asked a question via Twitter which was quickly deleted: When I first saw it I didn't get the impression that he was implying it was OK to have sex with drunk girls (or that he was asking "for a friend").  I had figured he was trying to gauge public opinion for a … [Read more...]

Causation vs Correlation: Violence and violent video games

Pols and activists will always look for a scapegoat on which to blame the actions of an individual.  In this case an 8 year-old boy, for whatever reason, shot and killed his elderly caregiver.  Who knows, perhaps this is a case where the boy was influenced by the game he was playing.  However, this … [Read more...]

Renaming the Washington Redskins, and the rest

We shouldn't be so quick to placate to groups who want to see professional sports teams and their collegiate counter parts change their names from their traditional Native American names and mascots.  What they refuse to understand is the name like the Braves, the Seminoles, the Fighting Sioux, et. … [Read more...]

The greatest con ever played

From the children at Democratic Underground: The Cato Institute recently ran the numbers and found out that, yes, in fact the poor are getting the middle class' (and the rich's) money to the tune of 3 times minimum wage in some cases (a summary can be found in THIS POST).  In fact, if a poor … [Read more...]

8 Things Planned Parenthood would rather you not know about them

Via Buzzfeed -- Taking Money To Abort African-American Babies Offering Sex-Selective Abortion Misinforming Women About Scientific Facts of Pregnancy Lying About Abortion-Related Deaths Lying About Offering Mammograms Covering Up Child Sex Trafficking Illegally Not Reporting Child … [Read more...]

Tweet of the day: #Manning vs #Zimmerman

https://twitter.com/MadcapMcQ/status/370591710218182657 It's amazing the difference in portrayal with which the media will treat one individual over another. Will we ever see a day where the 'news' simply reports events without creating a narrative? … [Read more...]

Dude looks like a lady: Traitor Bradley Manning wants to be ‘Chelsea’

Bradley Manning, the man who divulged classified information to the website Wikilinks, has since disclosed his desire for sex reassignment.  You see, Bradley now wants to be referred to as 'Chelsea'.  Hey, whatever floats your boat, I guess.  But on top of his psychological disorder, he wants the … [Read more...]

Circumcision and abortion

I don't see circumcision to be immoral or barbaric.  If I were to suppose why people might believe it to be barbaric, I'd say because it's a religious practice.  You don't hear much about piercing infant's ears from that crowd, then again you might.  But I never do.  How disgusted could you be about … [Read more...]

Republicans, Democrats and fiscal responsibility

Talking heads on the political right routinely accuse the political left of being fiscally irresponsible.  But each side will point to eras in America's political history where it seems the other side is responsible for the financial problems we're in as a nation.  Is there any way to objectively … [Read more...]

Welfare pays more than working… literally

The Cato Institute has released a study comparing the value of government welfare programs and working a minimum wage job.  This is what they found. In 18 states, the total value of welfare benefits has declined in inflation adjusted terms since 1995. However, this is due to the changing … [Read more...]

Trending now #AlJazeeraAmericaTVShows

Al Jazeera, the Middle East's propaganda media news channel went on air in America.  This comes after ex-vice president and the environmentalist equivalent of Chicken Little, Al Gore sold his failed cable channel Current to the network funded virtually exclusively by oil money.  He said they are … [Read more...]

Does evolution explain biodiversity?

One mistake I think people make when discussing and debating whether evolutionary theory adequately explains the degree of biodiversity we see in the animal kingdom is they don't recognize everyone is using the same facts.  What I mean is we all see the fossil record, the geological record, the … [Read more...]

Right is right; wrong is right.

President Obama’s “Common Core Curriculum” would be amusing if it weren’t preposterous. Common Core Teachers Taught to Praise Wrong Answers Like ’3 x 4 was 11’ Apparently, under the new Common-Core standards, correct answers don’t really matter. At least that’s according to a “curriculum … [Read more...]

Global warming doomsday predictions not panning out

We've been told that with the increased warming (which stopped in the late 90s, which is when the trends begin to fall) we should expect increased extreme weather events such as tornadoes, hurricanes, and tropical storms.  In reality, we've been seeing downward trends even though levels of CO2 have … [Read more...]

Should abortion be illegal?

I have always believed that the topic of abortion isn't as complex as some people would like to believe it is.  Once we know what it is that's being aborted, we are better equipped to answer whether it should be legal or illegal.  Should this procedure be permitted by law?  If not, what penalty … [Read more...]

What ‘works’ is not morality

Discussing ethics and morality with Atheists can prove to be frustrating, for everyone involved.  Theists will argue that an atheistic worldview cannot properly ground morality given naturalism.  And from that Atheists often hear 'Atheists cannot behave morally unless they believe in God'.  But I … [Read more...]