Renaming the Washington Redskins, and the rest

We shouldn't be so quick to placate to groups who want to see professional sports teams and their collegiate counter parts change their names from their traditional Native American names and mascots.  What they refuse to understand is the name like the Braves, the Seminoles, the Fighting Sioux, et. … [Read more...]

The greatest con ever played

From the children at Democratic Underground: The Cato Institute recently ran the numbers and found out that, yes, in fact the poor are getting the middle class' (and the rich's) money to the tune of 3 times minimum wage in some cases (a summary can be found in THIS POST).  In fact, if a poor … [Read more...]

8 Things Planned Parenthood would rather you not know about them

Via Buzzfeed -- Taking Money To Abort African-American Babies Offering Sex-Selective Abortion Misinforming Women About Scientific Facts of Pregnancy Lying About Abortion-Related Deaths Lying About Offering Mammograms Covering Up Child Sex Trafficking Illegally Not Reporting Child … [Read more...]