8 Things Planned Parenthood would rather you not know about them

Via Buzzfeed

  1. Taking Money To Abort African-American Babies
  2. Offering Sex-Selective Abortion
  3. Misinforming Women About Scientific Facts of Pregnancy
  4. Lying About Abortion-Related Deaths
  5. Lying About Offering Mammograms
  6. Covering Up Child Sex Trafficking
  7. Illegally Not Reporting Child Rape
  8. Lobbying Against Protections For Babies Born Alive After Failed Abortions

What else would you expect from an organization whose sole existence relies upon abortion?  They oppose laws which force them to update their health and safety conditions to current standards for medical facilities, inform mothers of what abortion actually entails, prohibit aborting children weeks or days before they would be born naturally, and require their ‘doctors’ to be legally and medically able to admit mothers to a hospital if heaven forbid something goes wrong.

Any Thoughts?

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