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Religion and Politics are easily the two most contentious topics in the market place of ideas. It is said if you desire to turn your friends and family against you, simply broach either of these topics. If, however, you wish to never speak to them again, insist you’re right.

Religion and Politics, I believe, are two of the most important topics one ought to have an opinion on. Your religious beliefs deal with the ultimate things. Religious beliefs are often looked at as something subjectively true. True for me, but not necessarily true for you. Unfortunately, if two or more people believe contrary things, they cannot all be correct; they could all be wrong, but certainly not all correct. God either exists or does not exist, it cannot be both. God is either personal or impersonal, but cannot be both. However, if God exists, it is of ultimate consequence who or what kind of God exists. So if God does exist religious beliefs are urgently important.

Politics affects our immediate circumstances. Law makers shape what we in pay taxes, property rights, criminal laws, civil rights and restrictions, and many more areas which though not always obvious, do in fact affect each and every one of us. “Elections have consequences” is a popular political cliché, but is very true.

It is for these and many more reasons why I have taken a motivated interest in these two topics especially. I believe everyone is entitled to their opinion; however that does not mean everyone’s opinion is true or even can be true. That is just the nature of what true means. For the most part people do not investigate why they believe the things they do.

Politically, I lean heavily to the right.  Religiously, I am a conservative Christian.  I unabashedly oppose same-sex marriage, and I am unapologetically pro-life.  Most importantly, I think my views are correct, which is why I write.

Sifting Reality is dedicated to examining controversial topics in an uncontroversial and in depth manner to help discern truth from falsehood; to think deeply on issues concerning important matters. I hope you will find the articles here informative and insightful. I welcome any opinions both complimentary and contrary to my own and look forward to any interaction.

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TerranceH: Writer

I began blogging as a teenager on a website called LiveJournal. My posts consisted of little in the way of politics or religion, and lots of maudlin ramblings. (Yes, I was an emotive teen!) My political ramblings began on Blogger circa 2006, but I soon lost interest and found myself entrenched in political forums. I did that until discovering WordPress – and I haven’t looked back.

Overtime, I distanced myself from the views of my liberal parents and developed into a moderate conservative, economically speaking. On social issues, I’m conservative to the core. My hot-button issue is abortion and I get awfully abrasive when discussing it.

Lastly, my resume is not littered with arrays of qualifications or diplomas with which to impress. I’m a 28-year-old college student, photographer, and father of four gorgeous children. I believe our nation is in shocking decline and I don’t mind saying so loud and clear.

Welcome To Sifting Reality.