The (A) theist Podcast

I'm currently contributing to a weekly podcast, The (A) theist Podcast.  Its focus isn't atheism as the title might suggest, but more so religious and spiritual in general. I'm the resident Christian with the other hosts who are Atheists. It's only in the third episode, which you can find … [Read more...]

You’re not an atheist for lack of evidence

Just a quick thought. It occurred to me that the atheist who claims to be such due to lack of evidence isn't looking deeply within himself hard enough. What I mean is, we all believe many things to be true without [sufficient] evidence to justify the belief. Now, what they might suggest is the … [Read more...]

There is no default position

In any serious discussion, everyone needs to participate.  All people bring an opinion into every discussion and everyone needs to support it.  Most people understand this, but sometimes someone comes to the table under the impression that their view is correct by default. Some people like their … [Read more...]

It’s not my fault you’re an Atheist

I wish I had a nickel for every time I interacted with an Atheist who who seems to be desperate to latch on to the idea that atheism is best defined as a lack of belief .  It seems that they will relentlessly argue for that loose definition to no end.  Moreover, these same Atheists will rarely if … [Read more...]

Religions and violence: they’re not pretty much all the same

Over the years, I've noticed it's rare for a skeptic to differentiate between the religions.  So rare that when noted Atheist and comedian Bill Maher takes people to task for placing Christianity and Islam on equal footings when it comes to violence 'in the name of', it actually makes the news.  And … [Read more...]

Little green men still more likely than God?

What is it with atheist scientists and aliens? (Raw Story) -- Astrophysicist and Cosmos host Neil DeGrasse Tyson told MSNBC host Chris Hayes that while it’s audacious enough for human beings to say they’re capable of defining intelligence, he would still like to know if there’s other intelligent … [Read more...]

I’m the reason you’re not a Christian?

'Why don't you believe God exists?' is asked of professing Atheists all the time.  One of the answers I hear most: no one has given me a good enough reason/enough evidence to believe in God.  This answer seems vacant to me, and should be to the Atheist who offers it, especially a philosophically … [Read more...]

Atheist bible literacy fail

Here's a graphic I spotted on social media.  I know the Christians know what's amiss, but do Atheists? I begrudgingly agree there are a good many Christians and Christian churches who shun the idea of intellectualism.  They seem to think that if they embrace philosophy, logic, and reason they've … [Read more...]

Why don’t Atheists believe in the resurrection?

Atheists, or more specifically Naturalists, by and large will not accept that Jesus rose from the dead.  Dead people don't just come back to life!  Add to that the seeming lack of sufficient evidence makes this fantastic claim all the more unbelievable, right?  Testimony isn't enough to believe such … [Read more...]

A challenge from Atheists…to me

As a Christian defender of the faith I often hear -- and I do mean often -- 'well, you don't believe in all these other gods x y z, well, you can't prove they don't exist so don't as us Atheists to prove your God doesn't exist'.  OK, fine.  I'd like some of my skeptic followers and commenters to to … [Read more...]

Selective obfuscation and the definition of ‘atheism’

In a previous post, I attempted to highlight the tendency for self-identified Atheists to muddy language in a way that doesn't truly represent what it is they actually believe about God, i.e., that God does not exist.  I am no stranger to the insistence of Atheists to use what they consider a proper … [Read more...]

Why conclude Atheism?

It has always been a curiosity to me at how wedded to the label Atheist some Atheists are.  What I mean is, the large majority of self-described Atheists I've interacted with are actually agnostic by definition.  In fact, often they are vehemently opposed to being described as an Agnostic even … [Read more...]

The morality of Atheism

The debate over morality between Atheists and Theists is forever ongoing. I think Atheists mistakenly believe Theists claim they can't act in a moral manner, but this isn't the issue.  Most Atheists, in my experience, are relatively honest, caring people with genuine concern for their fellow man. … [Read more...]

The mind is not identical to the brain, therefore materialistic naturalism is false

In order to avoid the reality of substance dualism some Atheists make the claim that the mind merely describes the functions of the brain, that there is no fundamental difference between the two.  I've been told the mind can be equated to chemical reactions that are governed by very physicalistic … [Read more...]

Think God’s rules are too strict? Yours are no better

Some Skeptics reject God's standard of right and wrong.  They say what God declares to be morally permissible in some cases is repugnant; and in other cases what God says is immoral is itself wrong to declare as such.  It is therefore wrong, they say, to judge people on such a flawed system of … [Read more...]

What if God did heal an amputee, what then?

This is a common objection among internet Atheists.  It seems like they believe this one challenge to Christians really backs them into a corner.  Does God just not care about amputees?  If God existed He would heal amputees, or even one amputee.  None are healed, therefore God most likely doesn’t … [Read more...]

Should God prevent evil in the world?

Skeptics often cite some circumstance in the world to argue that God doesn’t, or likely doesn’t exist.  Excessive poverty, hunger, and other evils are among the top complaints.  They seem to think that God should provide solutions with no explanation of where this ideal comes from, it certainly … [Read more...]

Atheism provides an emotional crutch too

Christianity (and religious belief generally) is sometimes criticized for being nothing more than an emotional crutch of some sort by its critics.  Its adherents find solace in knowing an eternal reward is awaiting them for their faithful devotion and evil doers are punished.  There is something … [Read more...]

Atheist trying to make a joke of Christian holiday confuses Christmas and Easter

No doubt this particular Atheist thinks he knows too much about Christianity to believe it.  His post contains short videos mocking the crucifixion of Jesus, rather than his birth...which is what Christmas celebrates.  Perhaps this Easter there'll be snarky images of nativity … [Read more...]

Merry Nothing

  For the life of me I can't understand why some Atheists would celebrate Christmas...if they were trying to be intellectually consistent.  Christmas is the most significant religious holiday second possibly only to Easter.  Not only is it religious, it is the cultural recognition of a … [Read more...]