Little green men still more likely than God?

What is it with atheist scientists and aliens?

(Raw Story) — Astrophysicist and Cosmos host Neil DeGrasse Tyson told MSNBC host Chris Hayes that while it’s audacious enough for human beings to say they’re capable of defining intelligence, he would still like to know if there’s other intelligent beings in the universe.

“My great fear is that we’ve in fact been visited by intelligent aliens,” DeGrasse Tyson said to Hayes. “But they chose not to make contact, on the conclusion that there’s no sign of intelligent life on Earth. How’s that for measures of intelligence?”

One reason it’s presumptuous for humans to act like they’re the arbiters of intelligence, DeGrasse Tyson said, is the possibility that planets much older than ours are already sending us messages in a format that, while basic to them, is incomprehensible by our current standards.

For example, he explained, while radio waves are seen as commonplace in present-day Earth, no one could have understood them 200 years ago.

“We were sending signals out before we were doing it on purpose,” DeGrasse Tyson said. “Our early TV shows, like I Love Lucy and The Honeymooners and that sort of thing, Howdy-Doody.These are our cultural emissaries.”

As Hayes busted up laughing, DeGrasse Tyson continued.

“These are the things aliens will decode about our civilization, because in the radio bubble that is the volume around our solar system that contains our radio chatter — be it accidental or on purpose –”

“That’s the first stuff we emitted,” Hayes said, completing the thought.

“They will learn how men and women treat each other by watching The Honeymooners,” DeGrasse Tyson said. “‘To the moon, Alice!’ And people used to laugh at that.”

Who could forget Richard Dawkins’ supposition that aliens brought life to Earth.


  1. “Little green men still more likely than God?” – yes, of course, and the answer is quite obvious. Even if you think that alien life is improbable, we at least have examples of life, we have organic matter on asteroids, we have examples of technology for communication over long distances, and travel outside of the solar system. These examples at least make the notion of aliens *possible*. How much evidence do we have for supernatural beings or their supposed actions?

    As for “Richard Dawkins’ supposition that aliens brought life to Earth”, he was answering a question about how design might have come about for life on Earth, if not ultimately. I don’t think he believes aliens seeded life here, and there is no serious evidence pointing to it. As Feynman says, science is imagination in a straightjacket. We can imagine anything we’d like, and then eliminate the wrong ideas through observation.

  2. Eye witness accounts are evidence. Order in the universe is evidence. The problem with those who believe in the religion of scientism is they only accept evidence if it fits neatly into the “scientific method.” (Except when it comes to evolution, then any sort of imagination is acceptable if it arranges the evidence to make it appear like one kind of an animal transformed into another form. It is really silly how little evidence there is for Darwin’s theory yet it is religiously followed by those who claim to be rational.)

    Anyway, of course those who will believe in anything but God would think it audacious that humans believe they are the pinnacle of intelligence. Because God created man in his image, God made men intelligent. DeGrasse and Dawkins, though, do not want to think of men as intelligent, because the then have to think of God as intelligent. By diminishing God’s creation they diminish God.

    Also, in pretending they think highly of alien intelligence they actually demonstrate that they think so little of alien intelligence. They assume aliens will get an impression of how men and women treat each other because radio waves of the Honeymooners were transmitted into space. This stupidity reminds me of the movie Explorers where the aliens get their impression of earthlings by all the TV programming.

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