If you’re Black and support Democrats, you’re lucky to be alive…literally

I've never understood how Blacks in America can so unwaveringly support the Democrat party writ large given how the party has supported policies which are proven to not be in their best interest.  If you are Black in America especially in a large city, being born is literally a crap shoot. And … [Read more...]

Causation vs Correlation: Violence and violent video games

Pols and activists will always look for a scapegoat on which to blame the actions of an individual.  In this case an 8 year-old boy, for whatever reason, shot and killed his elderly caregiver.  Who knows, perhaps this is a case where the boy was influenced by the game he was playing.  However, this … [Read more...]

Open Thread — Protests and Looting in the name of Trayvon Martin

Since the acquittal of George Zimmerman crowds of protesters have taken to the streets to show their disgust with the verdict.  Until recently the gatherings have been merely disruptive.  However, they are becoming increasingly violent.  I predict looting will soon follow. I can't help but think … [Read more...]

58% of the public unfamiliar with the differences between Islam and other religions

I'm uncertain if the public has been so saturated with the politically correct version of Islam, or if they are simply unfamiliar with the "Religion of Peace's" calls to violence that other religions lack. Now, it's not that all Muslims are terrorists mind you; just that virtually all terrorists … [Read more...]

Anything but Islam

The Political Left is doing all it can to avoid what is obvious to everyone else. (Think Progress) -- Could the amateur boxing career of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the deceased suspect in last week’s Boston Marathon bombings, have had a role in the massacre? That’s a question leading brain researchers at … [Read more...]

The inevitability of politicization

The reason I didn't comment on the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing is because the web is so saturated with blog and news coverage there wouldn't have been anything I could have added.  Now that some of the dust has settled (no pun intended) I'll offer just a couple thoughts. I get the feeling … [Read more...]

Prayers for Boston

[Read more...]

Hello, Everyone!

Hello, Everyone!  My name is Terrance H., a newly installed content contributor at Sifting Reality! Many of you have conversed with me in the comment section over the years, but now I’m going to be writing an occasional oeuvre for the blog itself. Most of the writing will revolve around religion … [Read more...]