Debating Abortion by TerranceH

Abortion. Abortion. Abortion. Yes, I know. We’ve debated the issue repeatedly on Sifting Reality and it always seems to end in a stalemate. Like Simic says, we pretend to be rushing off somewhere but we never get anywhere. But I’m writing this post for a friend with whom I work. He’s a recent … [Read more...]

We need honesty in the abortion debate

Abortion. Never in the history of the nation has such an egregious violation of human rights been codified by law. Not even slavery or Indian removal policies compare to the 50 million unborn children snuffed out of existence by activist judges and their abortionist pimps. It's not all driven by … [Read more...]

Sunday Round-Up

Christine O’Donnell: I was a victim of the IRS Tea Party Queen, Christine O'Donnell, a victim of the IRS, she says. Is this believable? Consider. On March 9, 2010, around 10 a.m., I announced my plans to run for senate representing Delaware. Later that same day, my office received a call from … [Read more...]

Craziness: Sex Robots

I saw something on television last night that truly exemplifies everything wrong with our modern culture. It was disgusting, somewhat hilarious, but mostly sad. People desperately building robots with which to have sex... Yes. That's right. People are designing robots that look human, sound … [Read more...]

Chilling Interview With Abortion Nurse

Planned Parenthood is back in the news again. Okay, not the “mainstream” news, I admit. But what else is new? The “mainstream media” isn't about to pillory a statement of unfettered liberalism, so we rely on other sources – LifeSiteNews, LiveAction, LifeNews – to learn of Planned Parenthood's … [Read more...]

Sunday Round-Up

Eleanor Roosevelt is top U.S. first lady, survey says Okay, I'll buy that. But note this tidbit: Eleanor Roosevelt was named the greatest first lady of the United States in a survey of historians released on Saturday, while Michelle Obama, in fifth place, edged out Hillary Clinton in … [Read more...]

Liberals & Africa…

Liberals are bizarre creatures. While claiming to represent the oppressed, they fervently support abortion; while claiming to be inclusive and tolerant, they're notoriously intolerant of views different from their own [1] ; and while claiming to be sophisticated intellectuals with a monopoly on … [Read more...]

Disagreement Doesn’t Require Hostility

Young Earth Creationists take much flak for their interpretation of Genesis, which places the Earth at around 6,000-years-old. John and I firmly believe the best interpretation supports the opposite view, an Old Earth view, clearly displayed in the comment section of Do you hold a literal view of … [Read more...]

Superbowl Sunday…

Let me say that my Hawks' crushing victory over the Broncos is nothing short of legendary. Hell, I even lost my voice halfway through the opening snap! Safety! Safety! Safety! Yes, it was beautiful. I screamed and cheered for all the right reasons! And though my 10-month-old daughter may well … [Read more...]

Baptism: Necessary?

Infant Baptism is an issue of contention among Christians. Some believe baptism is “the washing of rebirth and renewal by the Holy Spirit,” a necessary step to entering God's Kingdom. It washes away “original sin” so one may be “born again” free of sin. Both Lutherans & Catholics believe in … [Read more...]

A&E: Not “Happy, Happy”

Star of Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, has been suspended indefinitely by A&E for “offensive comments” during a GQ interview. “It seems like, to me, a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man’s anus...That’s just me. I’m just thinking: There’s more there! She’s got more to … [Read more...]

Where’s the Wealth?

I ran across this video while browsing my Facebook feed. It's pretty intense. I'd like to read your thoughts. … [Read more...]

Is Healthcare a Right?

This question has been mulled over ad nauseam, I realize. But given all the hoopla over ObamaCare, it's a legitimate question that deserves debate. So, I'm asking. Personally, I (TerranceH) believe healthcare is a right. And rather than people explain why my argument is lacking, I want people to … [Read more...]

Replace ObamaCare With?

I couldn't be certain, but I think the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act ("ObamaCare") is on its second to last leg. But give it credit, for such an awfully asinine law that accomplishes almost nothing to reign in health care costs, it's stuck around for awhile.  Consider, too, that it … [Read more...]

War On Women: Old White Men

How often is the pro-life movement maligned as a War on Women waged by old white men? If I had a dime... But that’s politics. More often than not, truth takes a backseat to emotion and the ever-increasing urge to rile up the base. It’s a useful tool. And lately, destructive ideas need only a … [Read more...]

Webcam Abortions…

Over the years, I’ve conversed with the most extreme and immoral antilifers on the planet, those in whom no shred of human decency exists. They’re found all over the web on various sites, but a treasure trove of these loons are right here on Wordpress. So I've decided to pick one every so often as … [Read more...]

Breaking Bad: A Philosophical Point

The AMC original series Breaking Bad is one of the most popular shows in television history. Beginning in 2008, it tells the story of Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher diagnosed with inoperable lung cancer. In an effort to leave his family financially secure, Walter partners with a … [Read more...]

Supreme to Marry Gay Couple

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the tiny liberal well-beyond the point of decrepitude, will be the first member of the high court to perform a same-sex marriage. Ginsburg will be first justice to officiate at same-sex weddingJustice Ruth Bader Ginsburg will become the first Supreme Court … [Read more...]

Syria & Obama’s Big Mouth

The question isn’t whether chemical weapons have been used in Syria; the question is who used them. The White House is certain the attack was ordered by the Assad regime, but British Prime Minster David Cameron expresses some reticence.There is never 100 percent certainty. There is never one piece … [Read more...]

Right is right; wrong is right.

President Obama’s “Common Core Curriculum” would be amusing if it weren’t preposterous. Common Core Teachers Taught to Praise Wrong Answers Like ’3 x 4 was 11’ Apparently, under the new Common-Core standards, correct answers don’t really matter. At least that’s according to a “curriculum … [Read more...]