Check your Darwinian assumptions

Commonly held presumptions about what constitutes evidence for evolution as a viable explanation for the bio-diversity we see will have to be rethought.  All too often, defenders of the evolutionary process point to what they consider examples of homology, or the science of things kinda looking like … [Read more...]

Illegal immigration, Abortion, Man’s morality, and Politics

Just a quick few thoughts here. Who among us have had a defender of elective abortion say "unless you're willing to adopt the children who'd be aborted, you shouldn't try to prevent it". Does the same reasoning apply to the illegal immigration issue? If you support an open border but you're not … [Read more...]

Navigating the news

Australian judge opines on incest citing its taboo is similar to that of homosexuality.  This isn't at all surprising.  When the LGBT activist community used a very particular kind of defense for accepting their sexual proclivities.  If you are inclined to accept their defense, you are logically … [Read more...]

On the lighter side: What blogging sometimes feels like

Not every post can be a home run.  There's plenty of times when I write something I think will be a hit with plenty of discussion and lots of attention.  Sometimes these posts that I think are pretty darn good get passed over because my readers become entrenched with a previous one.  Or perhaps they … [Read more...]

Navigating the news

White people are white, and that's racist A speaker at an event railed against white people claiming that being white brings inherent racism. (Maciver Institute) – The city of Madison hosted the 15th annual national White Privilege Conference last week at the Monona Terrace to discuss issues of … [Read more...]

UPDATE: New Year’s Resolutions! February

This is the monthly update to my New Year's resolution post which can be found HERE.  My wife and I are what you might call practical extreme couponers.  We don’t get 100 toothpaste coupons and clear out a store.  But we do coupon everything.  We save at least 50% on our groceries, and even more … [Read more...]

On the lighter side: I miss my dog

January a year ago I lost my first dog.  You can read about him here.  Recently I've been missing him and wouldn't you know it I come across Rudyard Kipling's poem, The Power of the Dog.  It's really difficult for me to read.  I've tried to get through it with my eyes dry to no avail. There is … [Read more...]

Sunday Round-Up

Christine O’Donnell: I was a victim of the IRS Tea Party Queen, Christine O'Donnell, a victim of the IRS, she says. Is this believable? Consider. On March 9, 2010, around 10 a.m., I announced my plans to run for senate representing Delaware. Later that same day, my office received a call from … [Read more...]

What can I say?

Every once in a while I hit a wall.  Now is one of those times.  I'm finding little inspiration for topics.  You'd think with all that's in the news, there'd be plenty for me opine on.  But alas, I'm dry. I'm looking for ideas for topics, or particular issues about which to write.  So help a guy … [Read more...]

Superbowl Sunday…

Let me say that my Hawks' crushing victory over the Broncos is nothing short of legendary. Hell, I even lost my voice halfway through the opening snap! Safety! Safety! Safety! Yes, it was beautiful. I screamed and cheered for all the right reasons! And though my 10-month-old daughter may well … [Read more...]

UPDATE: New Year’s Resolutions!

At the beginning of this year I had resolved to do two things.  First is to pick up every bit of money I find on the ground. Ordinarily, I never pass over ‘silver’ change.  I always stop for nickels, dimes, and quarters but not always pennies.  I decided I would not pass over a single coin.  The … [Read more...]

What shall we debate?

Atticus, a  contributor to Sifting Reality, has offered to me a debate on a topic yet to be determined.  Of the proposed topics, we are not far enough apart to create a clear pro and con position.  We are looking for suggestions from our readers. … [Read more...]

This dog needs a name, vote Now– She arrives tomorrow

This will be our new dog; she arrives on January 2. She is a rescue from Tennessee.  The two names it has been narrowed down to are Noodle and Lady.  Be sure to vote! … [Read more...]

The greatest boxer: “Iron” Mike Tyson

Everyone who enjoys boxing has an opinion on the greatest boxer of all time.  Wouldn't it be great to be able to see each of the best boxers square off in their prime against one another?  I am fully aware that what I am about to say will have boxing enthusiasts rolling their eyes.  But in his … [Read more...]


Who doesn't love statistics?  I sure do.  What statistic do you find really interesting?  What about one that you found shocking the first time you heard it? … [Read more...]

Gifts and their diminishing meaning

I constantly have this argument with my wife. She is of the opinion that the closer to the event that the gift is bought, the less you care. For example, suppose her birthday is on the 15th of the month. To her, if I purchase her gift on the 5th it means more than if I bought it on the 14th -- even … [Read more...]

Feel good story of the day: Children’s hospital makes a video for Katy Perry’s ROAR

I have to admit, I got some dirt in my eye watching this.  Just thinking about it makes my allergies act up. [Hat Tip to Kim] … [Read more...]

Having fun with a first grade teacher

I'm helping my daughter with her homework tonight and decided to have a little fun with her 1st grade teacher. Notice the answer to the Home Activity is given in parentheses.  Apparently, kids can't read fine print and parents are too dumb to figure out first grade math. … [Read more...]

Sunday Fun: I have a confession: I waste ketchup

I love ketchup.  I put it on potatoes of all kinds, burgers, hot dogs, onion rings and much more. One thing I have yet to perfect is judging the exact amount of ketchup to squeeze out for the food to be dipped. It's almost always too much, by a lot. When I'm done there's always a left over 2-3 … [Read more...]

3 years ago today

Three years ago I began this blog.  I needed an outlet for my political and religious thoughts and opinions.  I'm surprised that I've kept it going and still enjoy it as much as I do. Thanks to my readers for following along and sharing your own thoughts as well. I've always been thankful for my … [Read more...]