Sunday Fun: I have a confession: I waste ketchup

I love ketchup.  I put it on potatoes of all kinds, burgers, hot dogs, onion rings and much more. One thing I have yet to perfect is judging the exact amount of ketchup to squeeze out for the food to be dipped. It’s almost always too much, by a lot. When I’m done there’s always a left over 2-3 tablespoons. You’d think after decades of plating ketchup for dipping I’d be able to properly judge the necessary quantity.

Is there anything you should be able to do perfectly given how long you’ve been doing it, but for some reason still can’t?


  1. On the food theme, I can never get something to reheat in the microwave – either it’s way too cold or too hot.

  2. I have an eating obsession with ketchup and mayonaise. I have to end the meal dipping the ketchup and mayonaise or some other ingredient to dip in in whatever I´m eating. It´s not good for me to go to a restaurant and they pour in a little plate with some mayonaise when I still have a big stake and fries on the other plate(only happens in Spain). That should be a criminal act.

Any Thoughts?

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