Would Progressives still defend welfare if they had to pay recipients directly?

A recent report shows that 86 million private sector workers are helping sustain 148 million Americans who draw from the system through social programs. (CNS News) -- In 2012, according to the Census Bureau, approximately 103,087,000 people worked full-time, year-round in the United States. "A … [Read more...]

Guest Post: I am the poster-child for the Democrat’s economic model

Atticus is the author of the progressive-right political and lifestyle blog BlogTruth. His experience spans almost a decade providing business and consulting services to firms across the globe. Stop by his blog and say hello. **I wrote this post about a year ago, but in light of recent … [Read more...]

What would you change in government?

If one were to believe the polls, a large majority of Americans are profoundly dissatisfied with the way the government is being run, and consequently, the direction the country is headed. Congratulations...you've won the political lottery! You've been anointed Czar of America. You now have all … [Read more...]

Obamacare is the law of the land

But so is Roe v Wade and DOMA.  And so was Dred Scott. And separate but equal and every other Jim Crow law for that matter. Laws are enacted and repealed -- well not so much repealed anymore. But simply being the law of the land doesn't entitle it from alteration or repeal. I expect my … [Read more...]

Who is at fault for the shutdown?

What has been forgotten in all this shutdown talk is why there there can even be a shutdown in the first place: there's no official budget in place. The President has had his budget blueprint unanimously voted down not once, but twice.  Not a single Democrat would even put their name on his plan. … [Read more...]

The Affordable Care Act not so affordable

I decided to check the health insurance exchange for my State to see just how affordable health insurance would be if I was to enroll.  Turns out I couldn't afford the least expensive plan at all.  Seriously, I couldn't. Who can afford $736 a month, roughly $8,840 annually?  On top of that, I … [Read more...]

Proof American voters are incorrigibly confused

Granted this proof comes from twitter, but it still has discussional merit.  Pew Research has noted the Twitter response to the feelings about Obamacare and who is responsible for the government shutdown. Admittedly these aren't necessarily the same people making both claims.  However, we should … [Read more...]

Is Ted Cruz a healthcare hypocrite?

Near the close of Texas Senator Ted Cruz's 21 hour symbolic filibuster protesting the funding of the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, fellow Senator Dick Durbin (D - Illinois) challenged Cruz in an attempt to paint him as a hypocrite. SEN. DURBIN: Will the senator from Texas for the record tell … [Read more...]

Government shutdown: Who’s at fault?

If the government shuts down -- I don't believe it will -- who will you blame? The Republican plan funds the government to the requests of the President and his political compatriots, except for the ACA (Obamacare).  The President and Senate Democrats pledge to vote down and veto any bill that … [Read more...]

Open Thread — Which will you vote for?

[Read more...]

What’s your fair share?

For as many times as I've heard the 'fair share' discussion it is always from the prospective of the wealthy being morally responsible for relinquishing more of their money for the good of the less wealthy.  I never hear it asked what those defending this "redistribution" consider what the … [Read more...]

Poverty: A learned and tolerated comfort

Admittedly many of my opinions are controversial.  When it comes to my views on poverty and the poor, I tend to come across as heartless.  Perhaps it is my ability to remove my emotions from situations and look at the principles behind the ideas.  Or maybe I simply refuse to view the adult poor as … [Read more...]

An animated metaphor for Obamacare

Even Democrat legislators who voted for Obamacare are seeing the logistical dangers of it.  From implementation to unintended financial burdens, it is becoming apparent all that what will become President Obama's legacy is a disaster.  Flags should have been raised when unions and large corporations … [Read more...]

The US Government is not broke: The proof!

Republicans and Conservatives are flooding their constituents and certain media outlets with the insane notion that the Obama administration is spending money we don't have.  I used to believe this rumor too, and in fact I have erroneously perpetuated it here. (CNS News) -- The National Institutes … [Read more...]

Pop Quiz:Who did they vote for, and why?

I hear that in 2016 registered Republicans vote on the first Tuesday in November, and registered Democrats on the first Wednesday, pass it on. … [Read more...]

For the Obama Administration, the sky is always falling

Anyone ever notice that President Barack Obama always makes a case that unless we ask the more wealthy among us to pay a little more, their fair share, disastrous things will happen?  Emergency personnel and teachers will be laid off, school lunch programs will be halted, single mothers will become … [Read more...]

Fun with Twitter: Fellow socialists come to Bernie Sanders’ aid

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vermont), an an admitted socialist tweeted about unequal wealth distribution: a notion I find sinister.  The complaint rests on a presumption that wealth is distributed, and not earned.  It's almost as though Sanders and other like-minded socialists believe everyone is … [Read more...]

Sequestration cuts will cut deep

Despite the reality that President Barack Obama is being untruthful about the Republican's role in the sequestration budget cuts (the cuts were his idea and insisted on them), they will have a nasty effect on government (List via Nuking Politics): Biden will have to pay for his own hair plug … [Read more...]

Musings of a low info voter: Some things that should NEVER be “PRIVATIZED” in a Democracy

I don't know how many of you are familiar with the Democratic Underground, but it's hilarious!  I swear, if I didn't already know these were real people who actually believe the things they write, you couldn't convince me it wasn't a satire site like the Onion, or the Daily Currant -- you know, the … [Read more...]


Pew Research releases every so often a poll of what Americans consider priorities for the country. Here's what I would find amusing if it weren't so sad: In the president's first term, his policies weakened the economy, weakened the job situation (for every job created, more than 20 people went on … [Read more...]