For the Obama Administration, the sky is always falling

Anyone ever notice that President Barack Obama always makes a case that unless we ask the more wealthy among us to pay a little more, their fair share, disastrous things will happen?  Emergency personnel and teachers will be laid off, school lunch programs will be halted, single mothers will become homeless… Why is that?  With all the other monies spent on truly nonsensical waste, you’d think they could find something to cut besides emotionally charged seemingly essential functions of the government.  It’s almost as though the President believes that if you don’t agree with the way he wants to handle the country’s finances (debt up 60%, food stamp participation up more than 50%), you’re evil and heartless.


  1. Best propaganda device used by tyrants – create a crisis which needs government intervention so as to take over

  2. Since when has a U.S. president ever made policy in a way calculated to cause maximum pain to their constituents? I would guarantee that we could pick 5 random folks and make the cuts with little or no pain or disruption.

Any Thoughts?

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