RGIII speaks on political correctness and nails it in less than 140 characters

https://twitter.com/RGIII/status/329334674402967552 Naturally, the left doesn't appreciate the wisdom. … [Read more...]

How do we know what is and is not a right?

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Kermit Gosnell: One among many (UPDATED)

My post citing the Washington Examiner's 58 gruesome details of the Kermit Gosnell trial was also posted by someone at Cafemom.com.  I must say that I found some of the comments particularly startling.  I suppose it shouldn't have surprised me, how fiercely some of the (presumably) moms defended … [Read more...]

Sunday Fun — The difference between men and women

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An animated metaphor for Obamacare

Even Democrat legislators who voted for Obamacare are seeing the logistical dangers of it.  From implementation to unintended financial burdens, it is becoming apparent all that what will become President Obama's legacy is a disaster.  Flags should have been raised when unions and large corporations … [Read more...]

President Obama & Planned Parenthood

President Obama delivered a pillory  of pro-lifers  in front 1,000 Planned Parenthood supporters today, telling them that efforts to restrict abortion represent an endeavor to "turn back the clock" on women's progress. "The fact is, after decades of progress, there's still those who want to turn … [Read more...]

Richard Dawkins voted world’s top thinker

Yes, the man who posits that it's more probable that aliens, who evolved in a Darwinian fashion seeded the Earth with living organisms which also evolved in a Darwinian fashion, was voted the world's top thinker. ________________________________________________________________ That's right, the … [Read more...]

Open Thread — Christians don’t tell lies…

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What is the meaning of life?

Life's most asked -- and arguably most important question also seems to be the most difficult one to answer. There's a lot to consider: Is the answer different for everyone, or is there a single purpose for all of humanity? Is the answer discovered or determined? Can it be answered in the … [Read more...]

Anything but Islam

The Political Left is doing all it can to avoid what is obvious to everyone else. (Think Progress) -- Could the amateur boxing career of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the deceased suspect in last week’s Boston Marathon bombings, have had a role in the massacre? That’s a question leading brain researchers at … [Read more...]

Why do you support abortion?

Before jumping to your pat answer for why you defend the legality of abortion, take a moment to think.  We know what abortion is, we know what it does.  Why do you believe abortion is worthy of support?  Is there something attractive about the nature of abortion? Something women should not be … [Read more...]

Gun Laws Accomplish Nothing: An Analytical Approach

Atticus is the author of the progressive-right political and lifestyle blog BlogTruth. His experience spans almost a decade providing business and consulting services to firms across the globe. Stop by his blog and say hello. After scowering the internet and a few of my favorite statistic … [Read more...]

Why CT’s new gun control laws accomplish nothing

Here's a quick demonstration to show why one aspect of Connecticut's new gun restrictions is silliness. … [Read more...]

The 20 Most Stunning Poverty Statistics

I hate to be the bearer of bad news because I'm living in it too.  But you can't say you weren't warned or that you didn't have a chance to change the Chief Executive. Via Doug Ross 1 - According to the U.S. Census Bureau, approximately one out of every six Americans is now living in poverty. … [Read more...]

Happy Earth Day!

George Carlin was always my favorite comedien.  In his later years he began to show his anger toward God and religion and became unfunny.  He came off as a crabby old rambler.  However, his older material is classic.  Enjoy! Language NSFW … [Read more...]

If the Boston Bomber doesn’t talk, what then?

Some news reports are putting forth that the two brothers responsible for the Boston Marathon may have ties to a larger Muslim extremist organization. This isn't yet confirmed. Right now the younger brother is in police custody and is being questioned about last Monday's events. What should we do … [Read more...]

The inevitability of politicization

The reason I didn't comment on the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing is because the web is so saturated with blog and news coverage there wouldn't have been anything I could have added.  Now that some of the dust has settled (no pun intended) I'll offer just a couple thoughts. I get the feeling … [Read more...]

Sunday Fun: Do you see what I see?

Does anyone else see why I found these apples humorous enough to take this picture? … [Read more...]

If you are Pro-Choice you are morally obligated to read this

I'm not one to use shock images when posting abortion, though appropriate, I find them disturbing.  However, if you support a mother's right to choose abortion it is morally incumbent upon you to read the following list in its entirety.  Make no mistake, Kermit Gosnell's dubbed 'house of horrors' is … [Read more...]

Purpose and evolution

Q: Why does the moon shine at night? A: To help people see better at night. If it's silliness to say the purpose of the moon is to help people see better at night, why isn't it also silliness for evolutionists to assign purpose to the biological structures of organisms?  If it's true that … [Read more...]