Kermit Gosnell: One among many (UPDATED)

My post citing the Washington Examiner’s 58 gruesome details of the Kermit Gosnell trial was also posted by someone at  I must say that I found some of the comments particularly startling.  I suppose it shouldn’t have surprised me, how fiercely some of the (presumably) moms defended abortion.  As one of the other Sifting Reality authors TerranceH has said to me in other private conversations, ‘I don’t know how there are people who can look at a little child in the face and still be pro-choice’.  I don’t know either, but they are out there.

When presented with Gosnell’s barbarism, many abortion-choice defenders respond that his practice was an isolated incident.  We can’t take one abortionist, they say, and project his actions upon other providers.  Well, perhaps other later-term abortion clinics aren’t as gory and violent as Gosnell’s media-dubbed “house of horrors”, but live aborted babies are killed post-birth nonetheless as the undercover video below shows.


The clinician casually admits that if the baby is breathing or twitching when it’s extracted, it is then submerged in a solution that makes all that stop; that’s what it’s for, to make sure the baby is dead if it isn’t already.  Apparently aborted babies living through and after the abortion is common enough that there’s automatically part of the abortion procedure to take care of that.

Abortion-choice defenders can turn a blind eye to what happens during an abortion but it doesn’t make the realities go away.  We can dismiss Gosnell away as an anomaly, but the only anomaly was his method: he used knives and scissors while others use chemicals.  The end is still the same, a fully live viable baby who is destined for destruction will indeed be destroyed.

planned parenthood guns

Planned Parenthood officials are on the record defending aborted babies born alive being left to die, and our president refused multiple times to support a law requiring medical staff to provide care for babies born alive due to botched abortions.

There’s a definite mindset which prevents the Political Left (broadly speaking) from wanting to protect the pre-born: Why Liberals will never be pro-life Part 1 and Part 2.


Another undercover video depicting a Washington D.C. abortion doctor explaining that babies born alive in his facility are simply left to die.  This is legal?  This is ethical?  This happens because the Political Left demands a choice.


  1. (sigh) I don’t know how anyone can defend such atrocity. I don’t think “liberal” has anything to do with it though; I believe people are simply stubborn and are not thinking it through. If they were forced to actually watch what these living children are enduring, they would change their minds. The president is merely standing firm so that the laws protecting abortion do not change so that it becomes an illegal procedure — if only we could all work in bipartisan fashion to reduce all abortion and eventually end the need for it altogether.

  2. I don’t understand how one can refer to abortion as an “atrocity” and suggest it is indefensible, yet in the same paragraph make excuses for supporters and those who try to defend it…

  3. John,

    Dr. said, “…and wait for the baby to expire.

    This disgusting, ungodly man proved, beyond all doubt, he knows exactly what he’s doing: killing a BABY.

  4. “If they were forced to actually watch what these living children are enduring, they would change their minds.”

    They were living children from the moment they were conceived.

  5. I agree with all of you here about abortion and how wrong it is; I’m just trying to remove it from the political arena and the bias that goes along with that. We need to put it back into a kind of human rights category where it belongs. We won’t get anywhere making this a political issue where Dems and Repubs are duking it out. We have to find a way to bring all of us together so that we see all sides of the issue, no matter our politics, and agree that we all want this atrocity/procedure/murder of children reduced and eventually halted altogether, if at all possible.

  6. Abortion needs to be a legal procedure that is strictly limited based upon some conditions that we can all agree and compromise upon.

    Staunch “pro-lifers” believe even “the morning after pill” is abortion and thus murder; to me and many others that is ridiculous. Some Catholics believe that contraception is murder. As long as there are extremists screaming and demanding that everyone see things their way, this issue will never be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction and babies will continue to die.

  7. The morning after pill is an abortifacient. It can end the life of a zygote. The key part of your sentence is “to me that is ridiculous”. It is not ridiculous if you believe that a human life begins at conception. Unfortunately, most people agree with you, though the ones who would call it ridiculous are usually the pro-abortion crowd.

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