Sunday Fun — The difference between men and women


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    We are always so much harder on ourselves..

  2. wiley16350 says:

    When I watched the one on women I thought it was great and sent a good message. Eveything changed when I watched the one on men. It seemed purposely malicious towards men. It was true that the men probably described themselves better than they were but the women also described the men much worse than they truly were. What if they had men judge the women? The women got to feel better about themselves after seeing how others portrayed them while the men were visably hurt by the way they saw how others saw them. Maybe it’s just me, but the man version was kind of mean.

  3. “Rape-y?” Where did they find these women? From the Womyns’ Studies Department at the University of MASAU? (Men Are Scummy And Useless)

  4. @wiley16350 it was purposely malicious towards men – it’s a very well produced spoof.

  5. wiley16350 says:

    @ Josh
    I thought it was odd that it was so mean spirited, so it being a spoof makes sense. I totally missed that. Usually spoofs are funny and obvious jokes. I didn’t catch the funny in that video I guess. Maybe watching the woman version first put me in a certain mood that didn’t allow me to spot the man one as a spoof.

  6. wiley16350 says:

    @ Josh
    After watching it again, I see the obvious spoof in it. It had to be because of the mood I was in after watching the woman version that made me miss it. I was totally expecting a serious version.

  7. Yep I agree, I was really confused at first when it started to get mean spirited (I think when the women said “rapey” was when I got suspicious.) I did realise before it finished there was no way it was real, there’s no benefit of Dove making an ad that makes fun of men like that. It’s a very well produced spoof and I’m sure we’re not the only ones to miss that at first – especially when it’s embedded on an external website. Watching it the YouTube website may have made it more obvious because of the account it was posted under and the description.

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