If Evolution were true then why…

I am about to ask an even sillier seeming question to those who would profess allegiance to the Evolutionary theory than before.  If Evolution knows no boundaries so that single-celled organisms could evolve into such complex entities as human beings and blue whales, why aren't domesticated pigs and … [Read more...]

If Evolution were true then how…

I don't think Evolution answers as many questions as people believe it does.  I am more inclined to think it creates more questions that it ends up answering.  In no way do I profess any expertise in the subject, but I've read a few books both for and against as well as the courses I took while in … [Read more...]

What kind of pro-choice person are you?

I have noticed that pro-abortion choice advocates claim they are not pro-abortion, they merely support the ability to choose whether or not to have an abortion.  I don't buy it.  Many of those who take the pro-choice position will argue that what they support is the choice, not abortion per-se.  … [Read more...]

Open thread — Equality

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Thoughts On Gay Marriage

The Supreme Court has finished hearing arguments on California’s Proposition 8 and the federal Defense of Marriage Act. It’ll be weeks before a decision is released to the public, but regardless of their decision, a full-fledged discussion will continue. Nearly everyone has an opinion. Facebook and … [Read more...]

Which Christian are you?

The video below depicts two diametrically opposed visions on evangelism.  If you're a professing Christian I'm curious as to which people in the video you  most identify with: the "soap box preacher" or the missionaries.  Which vision is most effective in spreading the Christian message and why do … [Read more...]

The unasked question in the same sex marriage debate

But this time 11 year-old Grace Evans asked it. (CNSNews) -- ...Grace Evans, 11, said before the Minnesota House Committee on Civil Law last week. “I know some disagree, but I want to ask you this question: Which parent do I not need – my mom or my dad?” [...] “Even though I’m only 11 years … [Read more...]

Why he’s an Atheist

Hemant Mehta, author of the blog Friendly Atheist responded to a writing prompt asking for an explanation for why one is an Atheist in 200 words or less.  I found his response interesting -- unimpressive, but interesting. I’m an atheist because I appreciate honesty and questioning, something … [Read more...]

Open Thread — Global warming hysteria

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Limiting our rights?

Gun control advocates insist that instituting universal background checks is neither a limit on the Second Amendment or an attempt to inhibit gun ownership.  It is touted as "common sense gun safety measures".  Yet these same pols insisted as recently as this past November that requiring a photo ID … [Read more...]

Are you a Real Pro-Life Christian?

Must one be pro-all life in order to be consistently pro-life?  It is seen as an inconsistency by some that pro-life advocates are only concerned with fetuses and not with those facing the death penalty.  But is this a true inconsistency? Briefly, I understand the pro-life position to be this: It … [Read more...]

6 Days Yes, 5 Days No… or something

On Sunday March 23 the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) held a rally on the New Haven green in Connecticut in an effort to raise awareness of what they believe will be the ramifications of reducing the current Monday through Saturday delivery of US mail to just five days.  Postal … [Read more...]

Swamp Yankees

The Patch did a piece on the origins of the term "Swamp Yankee".  A cousin of mine provided some of the details and history. (East Haven Patch) -- If you’re looking for a definition for the term Swamp Yankee, you can take your pick of several different meanings. If you are new to the area, you … [Read more...]

Law Allows Prayer In Public Schools

The organization American Atheists is fuming over a bill in Mississippi known as the RELIGIOUS VIEWPOINTS ANTIDISCRIMINATION ACT. From their website: Last Thursday, Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant signed HB 638, a bill requiring public schools to develop policies allowing students to pray over … [Read more...]

Open Thread – Guns and abortion

The national discussion on gun control is predicated on the number of lives lost senselessly.  The painfully ironic aspect of all this is the ones clamoring to outlaw guns to save lives are the same ones clamoring to ensure mothers can take lives unencumbered. … [Read more...]

UPDATE: Has Kermit Gosnell done anything wrong?

For anyone who knows who Dr. Kermit Gosnell is, rest assured the title of this post is meant for hardcore pro-abortion choice defenders.  I hope it's safe to presume that even the majority of pro-abortion choice defenders would not hesitate to condemn the actions of this so-called doctor. (CBS) … [Read more...]

Open Thread – The government thinks you’re a suspect

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The American moral trajectory

There isn't much substance I could add to this post from American Creed.  Whenever anyone attempts to link the moral decay of America to the nation's resistance to God they are branded a fanatic of one stripe or another, mostly by those who are resisting God and His moral standard.  Moral short … [Read more...]

Reader Poll: Should the Government be involved in marriage?

The debate over whether or not to legalize same sex marriage has some people asking if the government should be involved in marriage at all.  So I pose the question to my readers.  After answering the poll, it would be helpful to explain why government should or should not be involved in marriage. … [Read more...]

Because Atheism is not a religion…

Lest it be mistaken that I believe atheism is in fact a religion let me be clear: I don't believe it is.  But I do believe a good number of Atheists behave religiously about their atheism.  They are usually the ones found on the internet making sure everyone knows what they don't believe.  These … [Read more...]