Open thread — Equality

Equality for all


  1. Don’cha know dat cuz single cells ain’t peoples dat, um, abortion ain’t mu-oy-rder?

  2. It is morbidly ironic that nearly all the people posting the red equal signs for the faux “equality” of “same-sex marriage” are pro-abortion. They fight aggressively to turn society upside down for 0.1% of the country (3% of people are lesbian/gay but less than 3% of those want to get married), but they ignore the equal protection for unborn and unwanted human beings.

  3. Equality. “All men are created equal”. Born? No. Created.

    While this is not a constitutional argument, I wonder when the founders considered a person to be created.

  4. Abortion was a misdemeanor before “quickening” and a felony afterward according to English Common Law. Quickening simply means “movement,” referring to the movement of the child in the womb. Due to the lack of technology, that was their best guess for the beginning of life. We know now that life begins at the moment of conception. .

  5. Love.

  6. askthebigot,


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