What kind of pro-choice person are you?


I have noticed that pro-abortion choice advocates claim they are not pro-abortion, they merely support the ability to choose whether or not to have an abortion.  I don’t buy it.  Many of those who take the pro-choice position will argue that what they support is the choice, not abortion per-se.  There is emphasis on the choice, which would entail either birth or abortion.  However, I don’t think it’s choice they really want, it’s abortion.  Why do I say this?  Because it seems that they only nurture “choice” until there is the slightest interest in abortion as an option, then they move from defending a choice in either direction (birth or abortion), to full force advocacy for abortion.

It’s almost like they feel as though they deserve a dead body.  DID HE JUST SAY WHAT I THINK HE SAID?!?  He sure did.  It is apparent that the only choice pro-choicers endorse is the choice for abortion.  Every attempt to dissuade a mother of her decision to “choose”, they get up in arms making claims of deprivation of human rights, hatred of women, deprivation of necessary health care etc.  If this isn’t the case, why is every attempt made  (either by lawsuit or protest) to prevent a child from being born?

Case in point, whenever laws requiring an informed, non-impulsive decision are passed those on the pro-choice side hyperventilate.  Legislation requiring a waiting period in order to ensure the choice is not made in haste, or legislation which requires emotional counselling, or options being made known such as adoption, or requiring an ultrasound so the mother to see what it is she will be removing from her womb, or require that the mother is informed that abortion takes the life of a human being, the pro-choice lobby goes all out to prevent women from having access to the information.  But we should ask, why.  If it is the choice those on the pro-choice side are after, what reason could they have to be against women making informed and careful decisions?  Why are they so vehemently opposed to women being persuaded to rethink having the abortion?

If indeed it was choice — options — which was the object of the pro-choice movement and not the abortion, there would not be such vigorous attempts to ensure mothers are kept in the dark about information and options which might persuade them to choose birth over abortion.  When pro-lifers offer choices, they are met with opposition.  Their rhetoric is for choice, but their actions betray their claims; their actions demand abortion.


  1. Very true. Pro-lifers are just exactly what we say we are: we are for the rights of the unborn simply to live. Anti-abortion works, too. And we are anti-THAT choice.

    But, are they pro-choice? Kind of. They’re pro-option. More precisely, they’re pro-option-to-kill.

  2. And it’s good that you point out that they oppose people trying to persuade against abortion. Shouldn’t a pro-choice person welcome alternative options being explained to women who become unexpectedly pregnant?

    They act as if Planned Parenthood is THE place for women in that situation. How many options do they offer? Is there an adoption agency representative on hand? Is there a life coach that would work out a plan for the mother to keep the child?

    Are they not persuading women to have an abortion?

    I wonder how many women contemplating abortion ever come out of Planned Parenthood having chosen not to have one. I’d love to know that stat.

  3. I would be careful with that percentage. According to the publication, about 334,000 women got abortions and 2300 got abortion referrals. That’s a huge gap, but that’s not all the pregnant women who went there. Some might have gone for pregnancy tests and never return, or prenatal care. Those women won’t be on either list because they got neither abortions nor adoption referrals.

    All the publication shows is the ratio of abortions to adoption referrals.
    That and I’m willing to bet some of those abortions were for repeat clients.

    • Tracy

      You bring up a good point. Let me tell you why I think it would only effect the numbers in a very minute way. What kind of woman would go to planned parenthood just for a pregnancy test and never return for any other pregnancy related services? I mean that earnestly, not making a judgement. It would likely be a teen or low income single woman. Most women, I would presume would use regular over the counter pregnancy tests or see their regular ob/gyn. I would argue that if a mother is getting a pregnancy test from planned parenthood, they are finding out if they “need” planned parenthood.

      So while it is certainly not out of the realm of possibility or even probability that there are mothers who would go to planned parenthood for a pregnancy test and never return, I think the number is so small to effect the percentages by a point or two. However, even then, let’s even give it a astronomically high presumption of 10 or 15%, that’s still 85% of pregnant women planned parenthood “treats” with abortion.

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