Sunday Fun: I have a confession: I waste ketchup

I love ketchup.  I put it on potatoes of all kinds, burgers, hot dogs, onion rings and much more. One thing I have yet to perfect is judging the exact amount of ketchup to squeeze out for the food to be dipped. It's almost always too much, by a lot. When I'm done there's always a left over 2-3 … [Read more...]

Sunday Fun — Family Reunions

Yesterday kicked of the inaugural Barron family reunion.  It was a great time.  This was an opportunity to meet family from all over the country: California, Florida, Massachusetts, and New York, some of whom I haven't seen since early childhood, or at all. My family has deep roots in Connecticut … [Read more...]

Sunday fun — Travel stories

I have been commissioned to fly to Tennessee in order to drive my grandmother back home. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity for some much needed father / daughter time with my oldest whom just turned 13 this week. Because she has never flown it was going to make for a small adventure, … [Read more...]

Sunday Fun: You know the economy is bad when…

You the economy is bad when even the toy vehicles are being stripped in the hood.   Feel free to comment with your own 'you know the economy is bad when...' joke. … [Read more...]

Sunday Fun — Free delivery

Who doesn't love free shipping? … [Read more...]

Sunday Fun — The difference between men and women

[Read more...]

Sunday Fun: Do you see what I see?

Does anyone else see why I found these apples humorous enough to take this picture? … [Read more...]

Sunday Fun: Book signing

Yesterday I was able to meet -- if you can call such a brief encounter a meeting -- Stephan Pastis, author of my favorite comic strip, Pearls Before Swine.  He was in my area promoting his new children's book, Timmy Failure, and was signing copies at a near by book store.  I figured this was likely … [Read more...]

Roscoe and Archie

I grew up with dogs, they were a family fixture.  When my wife and I bought our first home, I wasn't sure I wanted to take on a dog of my own.  The barking, the walking, the not being able to be away from the home for long periods... you know, all the inconveniences of owning a dog.  Eventually my … [Read more...]

Sunday Science: Incontrovertible evidence a benevolent God exists

Up until now the effectiveness of apologetic arguments for the existence of God have relied solely on who interprets the evidence.  In other words, unconverted Atheists claim that no good evidence exists for God because if there were good evidence, they'd concede their atheism.  However a new … [Read more...]

Sunday fun: Ugly Cows

Whilst perusing The People's Cube, I came across THIS post.  The site claims to have entered a picture of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton into Google Images and the search engine suggested ugly cows.  Well, I couldn't let this go unchallenged and lo and behold: … [Read more...]

Sunday fun: Some love from the ‘hood

I found this gem while at work.  I prefer to think the monogram refers to this page, Sifting Reality, you can't prove it doesn't.  Besides, people love me. … [Read more...]

Sunday fun: Message from Santa

I came across this site a few years back, it's called the Portable North Pole.  It allows you to plug in information about your child (not as creepy as it sounds) i.e., what they want for Christmas, whether they've been good, among other things and then creates a personalized message from the big … [Read more...]

Sunday fun: What have you won?

Earlier this week while driving to Chili's for dinner, there was a prompt to call in to a local radio station for a chance to win tickets to see a live show of Yo Gabba Gabba.  Immediately my wife jumps on the phone to try her luck.  Of course, the line is busy for the first eight attempts due to … [Read more...]

Sunday Fun: How did you find me?

I am always surprised at some of the terms people plugged into a search engine and found their way to my site.  Some I understand, other I couldn't even replicate, let alone dicypher why on Earth search giants like Google or Bing would associate them with me.  So Here's a peek into how some of you … [Read more...]