Sunday fun: Message from Santa

I came across this site a few years back, it’s called the Portable North Pole.  It allows you to plug in information about your child (not as creepy as it sounds) i.e., what they want for Christmas, whether they’ve been good, among other things and then creates a personalized message from the big man himself.  The quality of it actually kept my oldest daughter believing for one more year when she was seven years-old.

I’m also curious as to when you stopped believing in Santa.  Was it a particular event?  Did someone spill the beans?

For me, I recognized my mother’s handwriting early on.  Combine that with the local volunteer fire department bringing Santa on the fire truck to my house, and Santa looking suspiciously like a different guy from the firehouse each year, it was only a matter of time.  I was probably five or six, and surprisingly it didn’t traumatize me.

What’s your story?


  1. My family never did that Santa thing, thank God. We had so many wonderful cultural traditions surrounding Christmas instead, and I’ve continued them (while adding some from my husband’s family) with my own children. Over the years, as they saw how others made a big deal about Santa, they found it all rather creepy. We had some pretty deep discussions about honesty and deception inspired by that.

    When I became involved with one particular online home school group, I discovered that Santa is one of those topics that is carefully avoided. The arguments for and against teaching kids about Santa devolved into a major flame war, with one side extolling the wonderful, magical memories they felt they were creating for their children, while the other accused them of psychologically abusing their children with lies and dishonesty – and then there were the atheists vs Christians on top of all that! It got very nasty.

    After that, whenever a new person brought Santa up onto the list, people would immediately let them know that is was one of the few topics no longer discussed in the group. *L*

  2. We don’t do it where I come from. Every kid knows that every Christmas someone dresses up and pretends to be Santa. It’s not a deception since everyone knows it’s only pretend.

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