And you thought climate change deniers were crazy

Despite numerous reports that  polar bears are thriving and populations are actually up, glaciers and mountain peaks have not lost ice, warming trends have ceased, Arctic ice is abnormally high, Antarctic ice is not melting; Environmentalists continue to blame the climate’s changes on dinosaur flatulence, farmers from more than three millennia ago, and even pouring milk down the sink.  One thing is clear: Global warming is responsible for everything!  Luckily, these clear thinking, well reasoned, not at all ridiculousemotionally balanced, socially adjustednot prone to exaggeration, filthy rich, completely normal people are willing to do their own part.  That’s right, they’re willing to wear ridiculous masks that purport to capture CO2 as you exhale:


  1. These people are nuts. But at least they are being consistent in their ideology. But why not wear them 24/7?

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