What does Ferguson tell us about resisting the government?

This is an older post about whether or not we, as a free people, should ever allow ourselves to completely submissive to the government.  While I wholly disagree with the reasons the people used to justify the unrest that had played out in Ferguson, Missouri over the last couple weeks, it's plainly … [Read more...]

Can we admit yet that it’s not the weapon?

Late last week a high school student was fatally stabbed when she rejected an invitation to the prom.  So far, reports suggest the girl's killer was an ex-boyfriend.  He took out his rage in the populated hallway of hos school early in the morning. I suppose I could make a snide remark … [Read more...]

Georgia’s new gun allowances, what could go wrong? Nothing, actually

Georgia's governor just signed into law a bill which broadens the areas in which legal gun owners may carry their firearms, including some schools, bars, and churches. This leaves many on the political left snarkily asking, "what could possibly go wrong?" This attitude belies their misunderstanding … [Read more...]

Gun deaths in America by the numbers

Seemingly every time we pick up a newspaper or watch the evening news we are confronted with the tragedies of gun violence.  People use incidents in the news to further whatever their agenda may be.  The Political Left uses the news in an attempt to restrict the liberties of Americans to obtain, … [Read more...]

Are we losing the ability to resist our government? Should we be?

The Political Left has seized upon every opportunity to limit the access for ordinary citizens to own and carry guns.  It's been a priority of the Progressive movement for some time.  They have a very particular end in mind.  To render one of the fundamental purposes the second amendment was … [Read more...]

Exhaustive study: Gun restrictions = more murder

A 30 year-long peer reviewed study published in the journal Applied Economics Letters has found that states with more restrictions on owning and carrying firearms conclusively leads to higher instances of murder. (Study Abstract) -- The purpose of the present study is to determine the effects of … [Read more...]

New and stricter gun laws didn’t prevent Arapahoe High School shooting

After the Aurora, Colorado movie theater shooting, the political left in the state moved quickly to enact stricter new gun laws as a response.  Critics of this kind of reaction were quick to point out that gun laws don't stop people intent on doing harm to innocents.  Of course, this common sense … [Read more...]

Good intentions often lead to bad laws

When Connecticut first passed new restrictions limiting magazine capacity for guns, I was able to demonstrate in just over a minute why in at least one aspect it was hastily planned.  It just now occurred to me that it's even worse than I had first thought. Limiting magazine capacities to 10 rounds … [Read more...]

Mass shootings laying the ground work for anti-gun activists

The shooting at Los Angeles International Airport is only the most recent event that will inevitably trigger a demand for stricter gun laws.  The move to rush through intention-driven, emotionally reactive laws in response to these kinds of tragedies may prove to be even more dangerous, and possibly … [Read more...]

Why we need more gun related background checks

A cache of guns was seized in Bridgeport, CT after a months long trafficking investigation.  Many -- if not most -- of the firearms were illegal.  Included among the weapons was ammunition capable of penetrating the body armor used by police. (WTNH) -- Among the weapons seized were an illegal Street … [Read more...]

If you’re Black and support Democrats, you’re lucky to be alive…literally

I've never understood how Blacks in America can so unwaveringly support the Democrat party writ large given how the party has supported policies which are proven to not be in their best interest.  If you are Black in America especially in a large city, being born is literally a crap shoot. And … [Read more...]

Causation vs Correlation: Violence and violent video games

Pols and activists will always look for a scapegoat on which to blame the actions of an individual.  In this case an 8 year-old boy, for whatever reason, shot and killed his elderly caregiver.  Who knows, perhaps this is a case where the boy was influenced by the game he was playing.  However, this … [Read more...]

Open Thread — Police vs. Armed Citizens

  (via thelookingspoon) … [Read more...]

Murder and killing

Due to the degree of disagreement between those who agree and disagree with the not guilty verdict handed down for George Zimmerman, I must ask if people may be using blurred definitions. If you believe Zimmerman should have been found guilty, do you distinguish between killing and murder?  I'm … [Read more...]

Gun Laws Accomplish Nothing: An Analytical Approach

Atticus is the author of the progressive-right political and lifestyle blog BlogTruth. His experience spans almost a decade providing business and consulting services to firms across the globe. Stop by his blog and say hello. After scowering the internet and a few of my favorite statistic … [Read more...]

Why CT’s new gun control laws accomplish nothing

Here's a quick demonstration to show why one aspect of Connecticut's new gun restrictions is silliness. … [Read more...]

The inevitability of politicization

The reason I didn't comment on the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing is because the web is so saturated with blog and news coverage there wouldn't have been anything I could have added.  Now that some of the dust has settled (no pun intended) I'll offer just a couple thoughts. I get the feeling … [Read more...]

Open Thread — Do we really want the Liberal Utopia?

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Gun Control, Same-Sex Marriage and Climate Change

Arguably the three most prioritized issues currently being advanced by the Government are gun control, same sex marriage and climate change.  It is critical that we do something... I guess.  I often wonder why legislators at every level make these issues sound so dire -- as if by not addressing them … [Read more...]

Conspiracy Alert

Below is a video recording of a military veteran who was stopped and disarmed by police after being seen openly carrying a rifle.  Apparently the man has the legal right to do so in this particular part of Texas but is detained anyway.  I am not one to buy into conspiracy theories but the government … [Read more...]