Conspiracy Alert

Below is a video recording of a military veteran who was stopped and disarmed by police after being seen openly carrying a rifle.  Apparently the man has the legal right to do so in this particular part of Texas but is detained anyway.  I am not one to buy into conspiracy theories but the government is progressively using isolated violent tragedies to usurp the Second and Fourth Amendments to the Constitution in the name of the greater good for public safety.  At one point one of the officers says that a citizens complaint is a valid reason to disregard another citizen’s right to legally openly carry a rifle.  The same officer also says that he and the police are not beholden to the confines of the law.

The video is worth watching if you are concerned about the coming onslaught on the Second Amendment.


  1. The cop should be fired.

  2. That’s being nice about it. I hope he sued the department, they should be in jail. It is their job to know the law and inform complainers of it.

    You can’t just use someone’s hyper-sensitivities to deprive others of their rights. There are some who are afraid of Hello Kitty bubble guns and Pop Tarts for goodness sake!

  3. I’ve heard a smattering of talk regarding this incident. Apparently there might some regulation as to how one carries that particular firearm. Having it slung across the chest as opposed to over the shoulder might not be, if not legal, restricted. However, if this is the case, the officer could simply have told this guy that his method of transport was in conflict with the statutes. He didn’t have to treat him like a criminal.

    • From what I’ve heard is there you can carry it as long as you’re not doing so in a manner which would cause a reasonable person to become alarmed. In this case it seems the police are assuming this was a reasonable person who complained. Just having it slung around your shoulder is not necessarily an alarming fashion. Given his military background I’d bet he was being safe and reasonable. People like him, who put up the kind of fuss he did usually make sure they’re well within the confines of the law.

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