Happy Earth Day!

George Carlin was always my favorite comedien.  In his later years he began to show his anger toward God and religion and became unfunny.  He came off as a crabby old rambler.  However, his older material is classic.  Enjoy! Language NSFW … [Read more...]

If the Boston Bomber doesn’t talk, what then?

Some news reports are putting forth that the two brothers responsible for the Boston Marathon may have ties to a larger Muslim extremist organization. This isn't yet confirmed. Right now the younger brother is in police custody and is being questioned about last Monday's events. What should we do … [Read more...]

The inevitability of politicization

The reason I didn't comment on the Boston Marathon terrorist bombing is because the web is so saturated with blog and news coverage there wouldn't have been anything I could have added.  Now that some of the dust has settled (no pun intended) I'll offer just a couple thoughts. I get the feeling … [Read more...]