Proof guns and high capacity magazines are not the problem

Recently the National Association of Letter Carriers union held a rally on the New Haven green in an effort to raise awareness to the detriment of reducing the number of delivery days from six to five.  Attending the rally to show their support were U.S. Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D CT3) and U.S. Sen. … [Read more...]

Don’t be too quick to ask the Government to Legislate Morality

Atticus is the author of the progressive-right political and lifestyle blog BlogTruth. His experience spans almost a decade providing business and IT consulting services to firms across the globe. Stop by his blog and say hello. The theory is that if you make a law that presents a serious … [Read more...]

Fetal homicide

Currently a multitude of states have laws concerning fetal homicide. Essentially, if a person I nationally causes the death of a fetus they can be charged with murder or manslaughter just as if it had been a post-birth human being.  The only exceptions seem to be if the mother commissions the death … [Read more...]