Fetal homicide

Currently a multitude of states have laws concerning fetal homicide. Essentially, if a person I nationally causes the death of a fetus they can be charged with murder or manslaughter just as if it had been a post-birth human being.  The only exceptions seem to be if the mother commissions the death via an abortion doctor.

I’ve never asked pro-abortion choice defenders this, but I’d like to know what effect laws such as fetal homicide laws have on arguments they use to defend abortion? Are fetal homicide laws moral?

It seems these laws also create plainly hypocritical consequences. Take for example a situation where a woman is on her way to have an abortion and she is in a car accident where her baby dies. If the other driver is at fault for the collision, he can be charged with a crime whereas the doctor who was about to do the very same thing is protected by law.


  1. And today a federal judge orders FDA to allow morning after pill with no prescription to any age.

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