Christianity is so offensive, we dare not speak it

Despite multiple surveys already being done on the issue (by pollsters more prestigious and reputable than I) of holiday greeting preferences, I conducted a survey of local shoppers for their preference.  Although the distribution of participants is localized to my surrounding area I think it serves … [Read more...]

Republicans still better at managing finances

The Democrats as a party are more than $18 million in debt and Republicans are sitting on a $12.5 million surplus.  I wonder how something like this happens? (CNN) -- The Democrats' numbers speak for themselves: Through August, 10 months after helping President Obama secure a second term, the DNC … [Read more...]

Open Thread: Responsibility and greed

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Republicans, Democrats and fiscal responsibility

Talking heads on the political right routinely accuse the political left of being fiscally irresponsible.  But each side will point to eras in America's political history where it seems the other side is responsible for the financial problems we're in as a nation.  Is there any way to objectively … [Read more...]

The demographics of government food assistance usage

I expect this to be controversial, but draw your attention to the differences.  Blacks are twice as likely as Whites, and Hispanics are one and a half times as likely to use the food stamp programs and Democrats are more than twice as likely as Republicans. I'm asking my readers to speculate as to … [Read more...]

Republicans and Conservatives are more proud to be American than Democrats and Liberals

I'll try to contain my shock.  I was actually thinking about this while I was riding my scooter this morning.  I passed by a house which was flying the American flag and underneath, the Gadsden flag.  I said to myself, 'there's no way that's a Liberal', and that's said.  It shouldn't be so easy to … [Read more...]

Detroit’s Debt

By TerranceH I haven't written anything in awhile due to lack of inspiration, but an article in today's Detroit Free Press gave me just the spur I needed to get back in the saddle. It's about the City of Detroit and  its $17 billion debt.  Soon, Detroit may hold the title for the … [Read more...]