The demographics of government food assistance usage

I expect this to be controversial, but draw your attention to the differences.  Blacks are twice as likely as Whites, and Hispanics are one and a half times as likely to use the food stamp programs and Democrats are more than twice as likely as Republicans.

I’m asking my readers to speculate as to the reasons for such great divides in the numbers.


  1. Income wise blacks make the least and falling more behind than their counterparts. Many rely on governmental support. The economy hasn’t improve much as the employment is about to get harder due to the health care act in 2015.
    Political party if you look at it by states, Democrat states cost more living, business, and harder employment unlike Republican states

  2. The real reason is Demokrat policies which keep the blacks as victims and have ruined their culture by fostering the destruction of the black family unit. And Demokrats have an entitlement ideology.

  3. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that black people are more likely to live in abject poverty? I suppose, like Glenn, you could chalk that up to being a morally bankrupt culture- but that attitude has been what has perpetuated this statistic for the last half century or more. Maybe if we looked at things in broader terms we might be able to change those racial statistics toward more income equity.

    The party affiliation statistic is not likely to ever change. People who need to depend on the government are more likely to relate to a party that doesn’t want to dismantle the social safety net. They are more likely to understand the real reasons for poverty and not support a party that blames them for “an entitlement ideology”.

    But I digress, I’m sure it is because blacks and Hispanics and immigrants are lazy and just expect to be able to feed off the government teat indefinitely and white people are generally more motivated and self sufficient. Yeah, that’s what it is……

Any Thoughts?

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