If you’re Black and support Democrats, you’re lucky to be alive…literally

I’ve never understood how Blacks in America can so unwaveringly support the Democrat party writ large given how the party has supported policies which are proven to not be in their best interest.  If you are Black in America especially in a large city, being born is literally a crap shoot. And staying alive is no guarantee either given the murder rates.  The political left considers it their duty to ensure as many abortions as possible take place.  Advocacy for Abortion through all nine months of pregnancy by Democratic politicians and activists is part of their fabric.  What’s more is they want it easily accessible, unhindered, and offered at little to no cost.  Democrats support gun laws which encourage violent crime, which affects Blacks more than anyone else.  If this wasn’t bad enough, the foundational economic policies pushed for with such vigor literally prevent moving up the economic ladder.

Why do Democrats so cherish unfettered access to abortion?  The answer is simple.  The Democrat party is the party of hyper-feminism.  The political left places such a high value on sexual liberty over and above anything else.   The notion that a woman should have the freedom to have sex as frequently or infrequently, with as many or few different partners as they desire, without the consequence (I don’t really like using the term consequence when referring to pregnancy.  It unduly associates pregnancy and the baby with negativity, see: THIS POST) of producing children: I want to have sex as often as I choose and not be required to have a baby.

Of course they claim this whole-hearted and fervent support of abortion is to secure reproductive rights, but “reproductive rights” is an intentional misnomer.  If they want abortion, why mask it in euphemisms?  No, they openly do everything in their power to ensure that women have unfettered and immediate access to procedures which take the lives of their children.  Sadly, approximately 32% of black pregnancies overall end in abortion: “Black women have the highest abortion rates (32.1 abortions per 1,000 women aged 15–44 years) and ratios (480 abortions per 1,000 live births)“.  And in New York City, it’s nearly 60%.  Let that sink in…60%.

Let’s ask ourselves a question.  Why do liberals and Democrats ignore the black murder rate (about 50% of all murder victims are black young men murdered universally by other young black men) while at the same time pushing hard for abortion?  Murder rates don’t restrict sexual liberty.

Think about it, abortion takes the lives of so many black children, and the political left want it protected.  Murder rates among young Black men are staggeringly high, but the political left either avoid the issue or stop the discussion by accusing  it’s racist to mention.  They’ll demonize stand your ground laws because one Black teenager was shot and killed by a man who wasn’t also Black.  But they won’t shut down an abortion clinic for targeting Black “customers”.  Why would they oppose stand your ground laws?  Simply going by the numbers, Blacks benefit from employing the controversial defense even more than Whites do, they are acquitted more often!  Why don’t they want any avenue available for you to defend yourself?

This brings us to the support for stricter gun laws.  Harvard has released a study showing that in the United States gun ownership correlates to lower violent crime:

More than 100 million handguns are owned in the United States primarily for self‐defense, and 3.5 million people have permits to carry concealed handguns for protection. Recent analysis reveals “a great deal of self‐defensive use of firearms” in the United States, “in fact, more defensive gun uses [by victims] than crimes committed with firearms.” It is little wonder that the National Institute of Justice surveys among prison inmates find that large percentages report that their fear that a victim might be armed deterred them from confrontation crimes.

“[T]he felons most frightened ‘about confronting an armed victim’ were those from states with the greatest relative number of privately owned firearms.”

Conversely, robbery is highest in states that most restrict gun ownership. Concomitantly, a series of studies by John Lott and his coauthor David Mustard conclude that the issuance of millions of permits to carry concealed handguns is associated with drastic declines in American homicide rates.


[T]hough many nations with widespread gun ownership have much lower murder rates than nations that severely restrict gun ownership, it would be simplistic to assume that at all times and in all places widespread gun ownership depresses violence by deterring many criminals into nonconfrontation crime. There is evidence that it does so in the United States, where defensive gun ownership is a substantial socio‐cultural phenomenon. But the more plausible explanation for many nations having widespread gun ownership with low violence is that these nations never had high murder and violence rates and so never had occasion to enact severe anti‐gun laws. On the other hand, in nations that have experienced high and rising violent crime rates, the legislative reaction has generally been to enact increasingly severe anti gun laws. This is futile, for reducing gun ownership by the law‐abiding citizenry—the only ones who obey gun laws—does not reduce violence or murder.The result is that high crime nations that ban guns to reduce crime end up having both high crime and stringent gun laws, while it appears that low crime nations that do not significantly restrict guns continue to have low violence rates.

I admit this next statement will be controversial, so bear with me:  Not only does the political left seem to be OK with Blacks being dead, they also prefer them poor.

Our urban American cities are plagued by poverty, unemployment, poor public schools, drugs, and violence.  These same cities have been in the political control of “Progressives” and not much has been achieved by way of results. If poverty is highest among minorities even despite all the “caring” and spending, what can you point to that has been a success?  27.5% of Blacks are currently in poverty according to the U.S. Census Bureau, compared with 9.8% of Whites.

Unemployment is also highest among minorities, the voting bloc Progressives claim to care for more vocally than any other. For Blacks it’s more than double that of whites at 13.7% compared to 6.6%

Let’s recap.  The political left:

  • Rabidly supports unrestricted access to abortion which overwhelmingly takes the lives of Black children.
  • Supports the curtailment of legal gun ownership, which would raise (or at least make no difference in) the level of violent crime in America, which affects Blacks at a significant disproportion.
  • Opposes laws which allow the victim of a violent crime in progress to defend themselves (stand your ground) which have shown to benefit Blacks more than any other race.
  • Supports economic policies which have disproportionately hurt Black families and hindered their ability to be financially stable.
  • Will claim that presenting this data is racist.

And yet the Democrat party enjoys near universal support from Black Americans.  Why?


  1. Everyone knows, or should, that Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, was a rabid racist whose goal was to limit the population of African-Americans, hence the reason her clinics (which at the time did not offer abortion) were primarily found in inner city ghettos.

    The roots of the so-called “pro-choice” movement are racist, plain and simple.


  1. […] If you’re Black and support Democrats, you’re lucky to be alive…literally – Powerful and true.  There policies are so anti-Black that if you are Black you are lucky to be alive whether you support them or not.  […]

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