War On Women: Old White Men

How often is the pro-life movement maligned as a War on Women waged by old white men? If I had a dime…

But that’s politics. More often than not, truth takes a backseat to emotion and the ever-increasing urge to rile up the base. It’s a useful tool. And lately, destructive ideas need only a passionate, uneducated coalition to get the ball rolling.

To be consistent, though, I decided to check it out. Is the pro-life position merely an attack on women by old white men? I found a Pew Research Poll taken earlier this year. Here’s the breakdown.

Question: Is abortion Morally Wrong, Morally Acceptable, or Not a Moral Issue?

Morally Wrong: 45%

Morally Acceptable: 15%

Not a Moral Issue: 23%


  • 48% of men say abortion is Morally Wrong.
  • 50% of women say abortion is Morally Wrong.
  • 18% of men say abortion is Morally Acceptable.
  • 13% of women say abortion is Morally Acceptable.

Yes, the anti-life movement is a bloody one built on lies. You don’t have to be man to know that slaughtering unborn children is disgusting and immoral.


  1. Reblogged this on Disciple's Perspective and commented:
    Why are men fighting for abortion harder then women?! I think we need to think about this….

  2. Great post! Could you tell me how you get all your stats? I am wanting to put up some posts like this one, helping people to see more clearly. Keep em coming, they’re great!

  3. Masondan,

    The Pew Research link I provided contains all the statistics I posted.

  4. Thanks, I will start to use that site for my own stuff. If I haven’t said it all ready, you have a great site, my friend.

  5. Masondan,

    John Barron is the owner of this site, All credit is owed to him. I don’t post very often, so 99.9% of the content you’ve read came from him. You can tell by looking at the name next to the timestamp.

  6. Floating on Tiptoes says:

    I think that entire pro-choice movement builds their case on useless rhetoric. They use cliches so that they can disguise what the real motive is, and that is slaughtering the unborn and presenting it as acceptable.

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